Daily Archives: September 5, 2015

Stewed Rhubarb For My Mother

In the past couple of years, I have discovered canning.

On a recent trip to visit with Mom, I took her to the local Farmer’s Market and she was searching high and low for fresh Rhubarb, to no avail.  So, the good daughter that I am, I found some at my green grocery and followed an easy Stewed Rhubarb recipe for canning.

Fresh Rhubarb

I bought a pound of fresh Rhubarb and gathered the rest of the ingredients:

½ Cup of Splenda, this is going to be Sugar-Free for Mom, but you can use granulated sugar to each quart of fruit.

That’s it.

Rhubarb needs to have the strings removed

I peeled away some of the tough, stringy bits …

steep the fruit in a sweetener

… chopped the fruit into about ¼ inch wide pieces and let it macerate in the Splenda for about an hour or so, till the juices started to flow.

gently bring the fruit mixture to a boil

Now we can gentle bring the mixture to a boil …

canned fresh Rhubarb

… and fill some jars a quarter of an inch from the rim.  I process the jars using the water bath method for 20 minutes.  I only got 3 half pint size jars out of this batch, but that will make Mom very happy when I take this to her on our next visit.