Daily Archives: September 7, 2015

Our Souvenirs From Hawaii

Oh Boy!  I’m so glad that I had the foresight to pack an extra soft-foldable suitcase when we went to Hawaii.  I was able to bring back a herd of stuff, unfortunately we ate a lot of it before I could get photos!  Here’s a few of the goodies that I packed.

Diamond Bakery Soda Crackers

Any good local can’t have enough Diamond Bakery Soda Crackers to go with your Portuguese Bean Soup, right?

Coral Tuna

Coral Tuna.  Something you’ll only find in Hawaii.  Very different, very ONO!

I cockaroached these

I  “cock-a-roached” these from a bar that we went to.

Miko Scottish Bangers

Miko Scottish Bangers, MMM!

Oh my gravy all over my two scoops rice (that’s OMG! In my world), I found this at Foodland Kaneohe, my ole stompin’ grounds.

Hinode Rice, GONE!

Hinode Rice, do you know hard it is to find this on the mainland?


This came with us on our flight back to Phoenix, but didn’t last very long …