Four Chicken Thighs Three Ways

I am very frugal, well in some situations anyway.

My husband and I had spent Thanksgiving with Mr. & Mrs. DF’s in Northern Arizona and drove ‘back down the hill’ later on Black Friday.  What to make for dinner then?

Black Friday Dinner

I rummaged through the pantry and found Trader Joe’s Mini Ravioli (they’re dried, cheese filled pasta), okay.  I also spied Trader Joe’s Marinara, yup.  In the `fridge there was half of a jar of Trader Joe’s Basil Pesto.  Yeah, now you’re talkin’, I’m not a big fan of Red Sauce.  A Protein then, how about some poached boneless-skinless Chicken Thighs, cooled and then shredded.

You got yourself dinner in no time, but WAIT!

Homemade Chicken Broth

Don’t throw out that poaching liquor.  I always add aromatics to the pot, like the tail ends of onions, celery, carrots, parsley stems and such (I save all of those in a zip-top bag in the freezer).  Add a Bay Leaf or two, some smashed Garlic cloves and Black Pepper Corns; maybe even some dried Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (it’s that a song?).  Chicken Broth is used in so many different recipes.  Divide it up in, oh I don’t know, maybe cup size containers and freeze it for later use.

So, here’s the third way I STRETCHED those four Chicken Thighs, because we didn’t eat all of it.

Chicken Salad with leftover poached Chicken Thigh meat

Chicken Salad for lunch the next day!  Add some diced celery, onions, parsley, s&p, granulated garlic, a touch of cayenne pepper and then just a hint of mayonnaise.  Any combination of flavors that your household likes.  Serve it as a sandwich, on a Green Salad, or how about as a spread for Crackers?


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