Apple Crostata (Pie) For Thanksgiving

My husband goes absolutely CUKOO for Apple Pie, I honestly don’t like making pie.  That whole crust thing, you know, rolling it out and then trying to get it into the pie plate without destroying the entire thing.

Fresh Apple Crostata

Well, I was watching one of my favoriteTV Chef’s on PBS and she made a Crostata, how easy was that?!

I simply rolled out a single crust, following Martha Stewart’s Pâte Brisée recipe; filled it, using Betty Crocker’s Cinnamon Apple Crostata (minus the nuts) and folded over about two inches or so of the dough over the filling.  The last step is to moisten the crust on the top and sprinkle liberally with sugar.  Bake for about a half hour, cool and eat!

look at those fresh apples

Look at that will ya?! MMM!

Thanksgiving Apple Pie

And I don’t like Apple Pie, but this is delish!

This was the trial run pie …

Fresh Apple Crostata with chopped Pecans

This is the pie we had at Thanksgiving.  I used Brown Sugar in place of the granulated Sugar and also added chopped Pecans.  I’m calling this one my Caramel Apple Crostata.  My husband has changed his favorite dessert from my homemade Rum Cake with this pie.  It is good!


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3 thoughts on “Apple Crostata (Pie) For Thanksgiving

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