Is There Ever Too Much Fried Saimin?

As you all know, I come from Hawaii, and one of our New Year traditions is to eat noodles for good luck.  So, I made up a batch of my Fried Saimin, as I usually do, and it was way too much for us.

New Year's Fried Saimin

Also, in Hawaii, we don’t like to waste food, so we share with our neighbors, as many folks do.  I decided to take a container of noodles over to our local Fire House.  Two gentlemen met me at the door and very graciously excepted my parcel; I hope they enjoy this as much as we did.


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2 thoughts on “Is There Ever Too Much Fried Saimin?

  1. koolaidmoms January 2, 2016 at 3:23 pm Reply

    Sounds delicious! I even pinned the recipe to try. I don’t know if I can find all the ingredients here in the Midwest but I was glad they included pictures so I know what to look for!

    • auntiedoni January 2, 2016 at 3:41 pm Reply

      Well, your Ramen Asian Salad looks mightily close there my sister. Try subbing the “goodies” for ingredients that you can easily find. I found the Yakisoba at our local Walmart, they’re a bit different from the Ramen noodles. Drop me a line when you do try it. 😀

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