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You Mean We’re Not Living In Hawaii Anymore?

Source: You Mean We’re Not Living In Hawaii Anymore?


WOW!  This is my third anniversary as a blogger.  It doesn’t seem that long, really.  I’ve posted here my first blog, ever.  I enjoy writing about the different happenings in, as well as out of My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert.  I’ve learned a few things along the way and I hope to continue picking up tips and treats from folks.  I want to thank you for stopping by and dropping me a comment or even a “like”, Mahalo!

Shaka Braddahs and Sistas! Hang loose!

A Continuation Of My First Cheesecake

Remember that first Cheesecake that I’d ever made; that made WAY too much batter?  Well… I saved that extra batter and made ANOTHER, YES, that’s two Cheesecakes under my belt now, YAY!  I thought that I’d take this one next door for the NYE party at our neighbors home.

I broke up this gorgeous bar of Dark Chocolate into a bowl and pored in some Heavy Cream that I heated in the microwave; stirred it gently for create a Ganache, MMM!

I spread it out evenly with an offset spatula and stashed it in the `fridge to set up.

Turtle Cheesecake

I melted some Caramels, spread that over the top and sprinkled it with a copious amount of chopped toasted Pecans; back in the chill box.  It’s a Turtle Cheesecake!

Can I blow my own horn here?  That was outrageously over the top, crazy delish, good stuff!  The buzz went around the room at the party that there was this really fabulous Cheesecake over on the buffet table.  This gal comes up to me with her plate in hand and fork in her mouth, “Did you try the Cheesecake yet?  You really need to taste this, it’s fantastic, the best I’ve ever had.”