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A Different Way To Serve Chicken

Source: A Different Way To Serve Chicken

I was reading a post from one of the blogs that I follow, “whats for dinner moms”.

… and I started to think back to when I would plan our meals for an entire pay period, which for us was twice a month.  That’s when I would do our “big grocery shopping” and plan out what we were going to eat, depending upon what was on sale that pay day.  Usually, chicken, in some form or another, was on sale; I swear we must cluck having eaten so much chicken :D.

After reading what a hectic, wild week Koolaidmoms has and how smart she is with her family’s meal planning, I thought about Shoyu Chicken in the crock pot, yeah, that’ll work.

So here’s my amendment to my original post, see attached 😉

Fill your slow cooker with all of the ingredients and set it on HIGH for 3-4 hours or LOW for 6-7 hours.  You could even use frozen chicken, just adjusting the cooking time to HIGH for 5 hours and LOW for 8 hours.  This could comfortable feed 6-8 people along with your side dishes.