Dinner Out With Friends At Carlota’s Authentic Mexican

My husband and I are not what you would call social butterflies, but we do get out on occasion.  Last night, we went for a second visit to Carlota’s Authentic Mexican in Catalina, it was Taco Tuesday Night.

What’s not to like!

You can have either a Ground Beef or Shredded Chicken Taco for $1.00 each, so long as you order a side dish, such as Guacamole, Sour Cream, Refried Beans, Rice or even a Side Salad.  Let’s not forgot the key component, the Salsa, DELISH!  I think we requested a refill 4 or 5 times, it’s that good.

One of our dining partners requested a Beef Taco, no cheese please, with a Salad as her side; it was HUGE!  It was loaded with all kinds of goodies, like sliced Avocado, Radishes, diced Tomatoes, sliced Cucumbers, Sweet Red Bell Peppers and her meal came out to $2.99 plus tax & tip.  Well, she did have a House Margarita, but I think that’s only $4 or so, still a great deal.

Carlota's Authentic Mexican $1 Taco and Chile Relleno as a side dish. DELISH!

For my husband and I, 2 Ground Beef Tacos (oh, btw, these are the hard shell tacos if you noticed) and a Chile Relleno.  Now, by ordering the Relleno, we really didn’t have to order a side to get our Tacos priced at a dollar each, but we like that combination.  I did ask for another side of Guacamole and Refried Beans, mostly `cuz I like them and Carlota’s makes their Beans with lard, no vegetarian here!  Our charming waiter also informed us that they had “any Mexican bottled beer” for $2.50, YEAH, I’ll have Dos Equis Amber, dos cervezas por favor, mi amigo!  Our tab was $26.xx including the tax and tip, and we were STUFFED!

Cheap and friendly, the best kind of night out with friends.  Thanks Terri, Bobbie, Dave and Terry, we really enjoyed ourselves.


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