Where’s My Grill?

I may or may not have shared that my husband and I have sold our home and have moved to Central/Northern Arizona back in May.  Technically, we’re still “In the middle of the desert”, now it’s the High Desert.

As we were packing up all of our things in preparation for our big move, I made the decision that my Weber Little Smokey Joe grill would not be coming with us.

So I made up some handwritten “FREE” signs for him and his pal Weber Rapidfire Chimney and took them out to the main road from our place. I also left in the Chimney, the remains of the bag of charcoal and the stick lighter on the side of the road at a predominate intersection.
I bet my DH that they would be gone within 5 minutes… guess who won the bet?
They weren’t there 3 minutes (I clocked it) and they were GONE!

So, here we are going into Fall, and I still do not have a grill, neither charcoal nor propane.  Why do I tell this story at this juncture?  One of my blogging pals, Patrons of the Pit, was astonished that anyone could last this long without grilling.  My husband has already stated, numerous times, that the first we buy once our home is finished, is a pretty new grill.

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