Sunday Brunch Out At The Lone Spur Café

DH and I don’t go out to breakfast very often, but we started talking about The Lone Spur Café and how we hadn’t been there for breakfast in a really long time.  So, let’s go!

I’ll go first.  This is my favorite breakfast/Sunday Brunch item of all times!  This is the Cowboy Benedict.  You’ll get 2 Biscuits topped with a generously thick slice of Smoked Ham, two Basted Eggs, Country Gravy (don’t let that throw ya though, it’s the best Sausage Gravy I’ve ever flipped a lip over!) along with a side of either Country Potatoes or Hash browns.  I had the half order with Hash browns and I wound up taking most the Potatoes home.

DH enjoyed the Ham Steak & Eggs.  This a nice sized hunk-o-Smoked Ham, 2 Eggs (although that looks more like THREE Eggs to me) cooked to order and your choice of Country Potatoes or Hash browns.  DH had the “regular sized order” with the Country Potatoes and scrambled, but you can get a larger “Cowboy size”.

We were both stuffed to the gills, so we went across the street to the Court House Square to walk it off. Ya gotta love small towns!

Happy Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch Out At The Lone Spur Café

  1. RossC June 25, 2017 at 10:10 am Reply

    Good timing..
    Jeannie and I just returned home from breakfast..
    I had biscuits and gravy w/ two eggs and hash browns.. $4
    Jeannie had two eggs, hash browns and pancakes.. $4
    God bless Denny’s… lol
    My Italian sausage gravy is much better but, these were just fine…
    Ross (Just Cooking) :O)

    • auntiedoni June 25, 2017 at 11:00 am Reply

      Ya know Ross, I’ve never made my own Country Gravy, I suppose I should try it some day, oh wait, DH doesn’t like anything “creamy”, oh well… 😀

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