Daily Archives: July 2, 2017

New Spice Racks

In our old house, I had this super cool Spice Box that I hung on the kitchen wall like artwork.  I loved it!

The shelves were the perfect depth for your standard Spice Jars.  The inside had a guide to using different Spice and Herbs.  A friend of mine back home in Hawaii gave it to me as a House Warming Gift when we finished building our house in Southern Arizona.

Our new home in Central Arizona just plain ole’ doesn’t have a spot for me to hang this and I’m very sad.  I use a ton of different Spices and Herbs and had nowhere to put them all in the new house.  What to do, what to do?

I searched the Internet for a solution and found this.  It’s a three tiered Steel Spice Rack.  I bought four of them and decided that it would work well in my walk-in pantry.

I was able to fit 6 jars per shelf.  This works!