Miners Mix Wholly Chipotle Seasoning & Rub

I was introduced to Miners Mix brand a coupla years back by some fellow bloggers, Patrons of the Pit.  They have been utilizing several of the Miners Mix seasonings and rubs.

I had found the Original XXX-Garlic Seasoning & Rub back when I was visiting my Mother in California.

This stuff is good on/in anything that you would use granulated or powdered Garlic, and I use a lot of Garlic!

Recently, The Ole’ Miner himself contacted me and asked if they could send me a box, SURE!

One of the bottles in my box was Wholly Chipotle Seasoning & Rub.  I took a small taste of it on my finger, boy howdy, that’s got some heat to it, but in a nice way.  So, what to do, how shall we apply this?  Let’s grill up some boneless-skinless Chicken Thighs for Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas.

I minced up the grilled yardbird, along with some Hatch Green Chiles; heated that up in a pot with some Hatch Green Chile Enchilada Sauce for the filling.

Next, I heated some flour tortillas, filled and then topped them with more chiles, sauce and shredded cheese, popped the whole plate under the broiler to a melty GBD and it’s time for dinner.

Chipotle & Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas.

I made just a bit too much chicken, so do you do with that?

Chipotle Chicken Salad for lunch tomorrow, that’s what!

I had to taste it to make sure it was ok, dontcha know.  I added a small pinch more of the Wholly Chipotle to the mayo for more of a kick, MMM!

Mahalo Ole’ Miner


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4 thoughts on “Miners Mix Wholly Chipotle Seasoning & Rub

  1. RossC August 27, 2017 at 5:41 am Reply

    A wonderful post.. :O)
    I will be adapting (checking out the heat) this for a meal for us..

    • auntiedoni August 27, 2017 at 9:32 am Reply

      Hiya Ross! Try the Wholly Chipotle in your next Chicken Salad, WOW, that really kicks it up from bland to


      that’s really good! 😀

  2. MinersMix August 27, 2017 at 9:48 am Reply

    Glad you liked it!

    • auntiedoni August 27, 2017 at 9:53 am Reply

      😉 Ole’ Miner have you tried #WhollyChipotle in your Chicken Salad yet? MMM! ⭐

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