Olde World Bagels And Market Is No More

This is a sad day.  I was on Face Book last night and saw a post by Olde World Bagels, thanking folks and that they were on to new adventures, WHAT?!  You’re closing? NOOOOOOO!   DH felt that we’d be able to get one more visit in later in the week before they closed, rather than facing a Sunday Rush, but I thought differently.   I got up early this morning and figured I call over there first and ask what their hours were going to be for Monday; I was told that today is their last day; they will no longer be open.  WHAT?!!!  I’ve NEVER gotten dressed and went out the door so fast before.

This is our last dozen Olde World Bagels, ever.  (SSHHH! Don’t tell DH but I hide 6 of them in the deep freeze for later)

Thank you Gina for the best Bagels we’ve ever had and probably will again.

Aloha and all the best in the future to you and your family.


2 thoughts on “Olde World Bagels And Market Is No More

  1. Addie Raines September 18, 2017 at 1:53 am Reply

    My condolences. We have a bagel shop in the next town over. It is family owned and opened in the late 1890’s. You better get your bagels on Thursday. They are not open after 4 p.m. or all day Saturday. The family is Orthodox Jewish and strictly adheres to their religious practices. Generation after generation.
    The shop is small and can hold only a few folks at a time. The have one small counter filled with about five to ten different kinds of bagels. My silent prayer is that the Katz bakery never closes in my life time.
    Every since day one, they had windows that were installed at a slant. A year or two ago they family decided to put in proper windows. I miss seeing those whacky windows.

    • auntiedoni September 18, 2017 at 2:52 pm Reply

      Thank you Addie. I had left 3 bagels out last night for breakfast this morning; they’re gone! DH ate them overnight. 😀

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