Our Great Western Adventure ~ September 2013 ~ Installment #14 ~ Onward!

It’s eight o’clock in the morning and we’re already headed down the the road before us. We wanted to get a good head start to the day as we made our way towards the Badlands National Park.


I found it fascinating all the different colors of the rock formations. We stopped at one of the overlooks, walked up to the rail and here’s these two Big Horn Sheep, MAN! And the Prairie Dogs here, I’ve never seen so many in one place, and fat !   We had a picnic lunch at the Visitor’s Center and then motored on to…

Wall South Dakota

What, you’ve never heard of Wall Drug and the free ice water? It was a blast, I didn’t know that it was so big. We decided on a snack after walking and shopping.

Their doughnuts were outstanding, so were the pies, we tried our slice ala mode along with some free ice water, that’s what they’re known for.

our hotel in Wall South Dakota

We found our hotel, not that difficult, Wall South Dakota is not very big. We only stayed one night, so we made supper just a simple salad in our room and it was to bed early, so that we would be fresh for our next stop.

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3 thoughts on “Our Great Western Adventure ~ September 2013 ~ Installment #14 ~ Onward!

  1. Patrons of the Pit November 13, 2013 at 10:12 am Reply

    Ah yes, the Badlands! Been there many a time, and I am always struck be how beautiful it is. It’s a different sort of beauty, but lovely none the less.

    Free ice water! Good golly.

    • auntiedoni November 13, 2013 at 2:01 pm Reply

      Have you been to Wall Drug? Great place! Make sure to get some of their doughnuts! 🙂

      • Patrons of the Pit November 13, 2013 at 2:09 pm

        Oh yes, many times. A tourist thing, but much fun to stroll about. Haven’t tried their doughnuts, however. I will seek them out next time through there, on your recommendation!

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