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A Cross Country Road Trip ~ June/July 2018 ~ Part 5

Oh my, has it been over four months since I was last here?  Sorry.

Let me catch you up first by finishing our Summer trip 😀

Louisville Kentucky

This is somewhere my husband has wanted to get to for some time, to be more specific the Lousiville Slugger Museum and Factory.  This was truly is a fascinating place.  I thought, baseball bats, yeah okay.  But the tour was interesting.


Another attraction we wanted to get to was Churchill Downs.

I would highly recommend taking one of the tours and spending a few hours in the Kentucky Derby Museum.

Lunch that day was at The Brown Hotel, somewhere I’ve wanted to go.  Its simply Old Time Charm and Grace; the food wasn’t bad either.  They’re known for their Hot Brown, but that wasn’t for us.


From Kentucky, we drove on to Tennessee, Savannah that is, for two nights.

My husband is a huge Civil War buff and has wanted to get here to see Shiloh National Military Park.  This National Park is self guided and well worth the trek.  It’s a little ways off the beat path, but we like it that way.

Savannah is a small town with lovely folks and beautiful scenery along the Tennessee River.  Cat Fish is king here, so do your research.  We went to Hagy’s Catfish Hotel, an old Fishing Camp converted to a hotel and restaurant right on the river just outside of the Park in Shiloh.

The next town over is Adamsville where the Sheriff Buford Pusser Home and Museum is pretty dang cool.  You’ve heard of him, as in the movie Walking Tall… that’s him!  What a story.


Well, its time to head back on home.  It took us three days of driving with overnight stops in Van Buren Arkansas and Amarillo Texas.

THAT  was a whirlwind trip, especially after having only been back from Hawaii not even a month, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat!