Daily Archives: February 6, 2019

Let Me Catch You All Up

Well, as I mentioned in my last post, its been awhile, over four months to be more specific, that I’ve blogged, sorry.  I think maybe I should catch you all up on what we’ve been up to.

For my birthday this year, my Mother gave me a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker … I’ve wanted one of these for some time.

Who doesn’t like homemade Ice Cream?  I tried Meyer Lemon,my Mom’s favorite, and Toasted Coconut, my fave.

A friend of mine suggested that I try this new product, Fry Wall™.  GET IT!

I saw this on some Social Media Site, I can’t recall where… Chocolate Covered Strawberry BROWNIES, MAN!  And I DON’T even like Chocolate. 😮

When we were in Hawaii this last time, our friend introduced us to Lup Chong Fried Rice, AH-YUM!  So I brought home a package to give it a go here in the middle of the desert… meh, not the same.

From time to time I like to do different types of crafting.  I saw this project on Pinterest and thought it would make for a great Summer-time wreath for our front door. I couldn’t find any Cocktail Umbrellas here, but I did find them in Hawaii…Cute!

I bought a mini Watermelon, cut it open and found that it was YELLOW, and very delicious!  This made for a wonderful Salad with crumbled Feta Cheese and fresh Mint.

When Early Fall rolled around, I suggested that we take a day-trip to Winslow, what fun.  We had a great lunch at The Turquoise Room in the La Posada Hotel and then went over to the “Corner”.

CHEESECAKE!  One of these babies is far too much for us, so I sliced the entire cake up and wrapped individual pieces up for the deep freeze.  Smart girl.  We were eating Cheesecake into the New Year. 😀

Time for a Road Trip to Lake Tahoe.  Neither my Husband nor I had ever been, it was gorgeous!

For Halloween, I made sure to participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project®.  This year I handed out WAY more candy than last year!  Even parents came dressed up for Halloween.

Verde Valley Railroad.  This is something we have been talking about for years.  We decided to make it an overnight trip.  THAT was breathtaking scenery!

I was watching an America’s Test Kitchen video and the girls made a better version of Oatmeal Cookies than Quaker Oats.  WOW!   Those are good!

S’Mores by our backyard Fire Pit, served with Bailey’s Irish Cream Spiked Hot Cocoa, Aahhh!

Thanksgiving for Two.

Christmas Cookies.  I had my own Garage Bake Sale where I sold about 250 cookies from our garage… not bad, huh?

Cookie Fail!  Wilton had the cutest packet of candies to create Snowman cookies… NOPE!  The candies melted into the Royal Icing  😡

Christmas Eve in our house means The Feast Of The Seven Fishes.  Well, you know already that I do it my way.   😉

… And folks, that brings to 2019 … you’re all caught up with what has been happening here in My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert.