Daily Archives: February 8, 2019


I get so excited when it snows here In The Middle Of The Desert, mostly because we don’t get a whole lot of it.  But, this was a doozy!

I went out back with my trusty ruler from the 3rd grade that I still have and measured a tick more than 4 inches… AND IT WAS’NT DONE!

This is in back of our house, looking to the road that leads in… you can’t see the road! 😀


This is our street, I think 😮

My husband looked out front and said, “Come on!  We gotta get out there and clear the snow from the driveway before it gets dark.  It’ll freeze solid and we won’t be able to get out!  I thought I’d never have to do this again, DANG!!” (DH is from the East Coast and said the reason that he moved to Hawaii was to get away from snow 😐 )

Here we thought that living in Arizona we’d never have to do this.  Now mind you, we don’t own a Snow Shovel!  So we used our large headed Broom and metal Bow Rake to break the forming ICE!!! :/

But we got it done!!  ^^’

Gee, I did wonder when I went to the market a few days earlier, why they had Snow Shovels on sale out front. o_O


Guess what I bought? 😉

I’ve never, ever in my entire life owned a Snow Shovel, EVER!! But we’re ready now… Sunday’s forecast is for SNOW!!!! 🙄