Daily Archives: February 18, 2019

Just A Petty Vent

I can’t remember now how long it’s been since my husband and I stopped using granulated Sugar in our beverages.  Coffee is always the first order of the day in My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert!  I like my cuppa joe with a wee bit of sweetener whereas my husband likes a lot.  I calculated once that we were going through a pound of Sugar every two weeks, give or take.  😳

I started looking at Sugar Substitutes and found Stevia.  Stevia is much sweeter than Sugar so we use WAY less of it.

We tried several different types of Stevia products and settled on Truvia.

We like using Truvia in packets only because I can keep some in my purse for those times that we’re out and about.   I buy the largest box I can find in the SuperMarket to save a coupla cents here and there.

Maybe it was this past Summer sometime that the packaging of Truvia changed.

The graphics on the front  is a bit different.

The back of the packets now have inspirational quotes.

So here’s where my petty vent comes in …  :/

Take a closer look at the packaging of the envelope to the left, the old version, and then the right, the newest Truvia packet.

Do you see the difference?  o_O

Previously, I got a box of 240 count packets for, oh we’ll say $14.  Each packet had a net weight of 3 grams.  For the same amount of packets and price, I now get only TWO GRAMS of Truvia FOR THE SAME PRICE!!!  😡  👿  😥


Cargill, what’s up with that?!

We get gypped out of 1 gram for each packet of sweetener.  In dollars and cents,  I was paying $0.01 per gram and now I’m paying $0.02, WHAT? 😮