Painted Rocks

And yes, this is a thing.

I started this new hobby back last Fall and I just love it.  I posted about it here on my blog and said that I was in for $41.50, well, I’ve kinda lost track as to how much I’ve spent to date 😀

Something that I learned just by chance is that if you go to your local home-improvement store, ask if they will mark-down the price on any bags of landscape rocks if the bag has been opened.  I found a HUGE bag of River Rocks for only $5, yes, FIVE DOLLARS  for half a cubic foot of very pretty stones.  If you decide to use these types of rocks or look for them in the wild, make sure that you wash them very well.  I have an old dish brush and a small bucket that I use.  So far, I’ve painted about 50 of those rocks from that sack of stones and still have plenty left.

At the local “dollar store” I found a good sized bag of assorted googly-eyes and sheets of stick on sparkles.  A little dab of Super-Glue and there you go.  Pinterest has been a great resource, but the faux-gems are my own idea.  I also have a shaker-bottle of glitter that I’ve tried out too.  I apply it while the paint is still wet, or after giving the rock a coat of Mod-Podge, either technique works fine.

But I learned the hard way, do not forget to give each Painted Rock a spray of Acrylic Clear Coat to make your master piece waterproof.  I forgot that on one, left it at our Post Box, it was still there after a coupla days, so brought it back home and doctored it.   😉

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