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Arizona To Florida Road Trip October 2019 ~ Part 1

First Stop …

Once a year, DH and I make a pilgrimage to Southern Arizona to see our doctors.
Now this may sound odd, but it took us a long time to find good health care once we moved to the “Mainland” and it’s become even harder since moving to Northern AZ.
We do have GP’s up here for the odd cold, flu shots and whatnot, but the big stuff is taken care of with our tried and true doc’s down South.

I found this great Hotel/Condo/Time Share, not sure what it is exactly, because each time we’ve been in the past three years, it changes.
But we love the place.
I reserve us a one bedroom apartment with a king sized bed. There’s a Living room, dining room, full kitchen and covered patio. The kitchen is fully stocked with everything that you’d need to prepare and serve three meals a day. The lanai has a gas grill, which is a HUGE plus for us. Oh, AND there’s a washer and dryer in the apartment!!! +++++



What I do is go to the grocery store once we’ve gotten situated, it’s less than a mile away, stock us up with whatever foods we will need for our stay and we’re golden!



The complex has a nice pool, splash pad for the kiddos, and hot tubs scattered throughout.



Our apartment on this stay has a lovely view!



There are a few restaurants that we go to while in Southern Arizona, not many, but we do go out to eat every so often. On this trip, we had breakfast at Sahuaro Café, MMM!



Also on this trip, we did a take out order of Mama’s Sicilian Deep Dish Pizza, meh. I think we’ll stick to the thin crust.



The apartment complex provides a few things to get you started, such as coffee, paper goods AND some microwave popcorn! I made us up a big bowl sprinkled with some of our Furikake to enjoy as we watched a movie in the very comfortable Living room one night.

So we’ve made the full round to all of our doctor’s, now, it’s time to get this Road Trip going!!

Let’s Get Ready To – GO ON ANOTHER ROAD TRIP!!!

This time it’ll be from Arizona to Florida and back again, yup.
On my bucket list is Key West Florida. Being born and raised in Hawaii, I’ve so wanted to visit here. For my bladdy-blah-blah birthday, DH agreed that he’d take me there (he’s been several times before he met me).

So let’s get ready.



I’m so happy that I found this new Mini Keurig coffee maker, I just knew that it would be much better than the coffee offered in your hotel room. Not to mention, they only provide you with two cups per day. We enjoy a cup or three in the mornings before we leave for the day; as well DH likes coffee once we get back in the later afternoons.



Along with paper goods, I also take along with us some S&P, spices, Shoyu (aka Soy Sauce) and Furikake, Mayo & Mustard and the odd condiment pack. I do cook/grill from time to time on Road Trips.
The Aloha Shoyu To-Go is new. I’ve been looking for this for years! I wanted the single-serve packets for Road Trips, but only found it this past May whilst back home in Hawaii, of course.
In addition, I pack-up acoupla per-made suppers, sandwich makings, a box of Cereal and Road Snacks.  😉



We never travel anywhere without bottled water, it’s a desert sort of mind-set. I’ve also brought along on this trip some small single-serve bottles of Juices for early blast off days and when hotel-free-breakfast isn’t available.
You can’t see it, but back there is a case of wine for you know, emergencies.

See those floral plastic bins? I got them at the Megamart for $5 each… I felt that they would work well as my “kitchen on the road” so to speak. That way if there’s any spillage along the way, no big deal.
Also not visible are two large covered plastic bins with 1 weeks worth of clothes for each of us, we’ll do laundry along the way when necessary.

So the car is pack and loaded for bear (and I think I did a pretty dang good job of it even if I do say so my self), it’s time to go!


Catching Up

Has it really been SEVEN MONTHS  since we last spoke?  I am so sorry!  It’s been such a wild and crazy time of late, and apparently getting more so every day.
So let’s get to the meat of it straight off, shall we?
Back in August of 2019, DH and I went to California to visit with my Mother …
… And some BEACH time in Newport Beach/Huntington Beach.  This is our favorite place to get a Pacific Ocean fix, besides going home to Hawaii that is.
Home again home again, jiggity jig
Every so often, we take Day Trips locally.  This time we discovered Montezuma Castle National Monument.  Ya know, we got that “Old Man Pass” that gets a carload of folks into NPS for free!
Now, we can’t forget DH’s birthday, now can we.  He’s my Super Man!
Next up, ROAD TRIP!!

Packed and ready to go!

To be continued, so stay tuned …