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Arizona To Florida Road Trip October 2019 ~ Part 5

Panama City Beach Florida was, interesting. It wasn’t what I had expected it would be, but all the same, it was great. Very low key, nothing fancy about it. Folks get around mostly in souped up golf cars! FUN! It seems like a very nice family orientated town, loads of stuff to do for the kids, besides the beach.



Even for big kids like us! We love miniature golf, or what we call Putt Putt Golf. Even though it was oppressively hot and humid out, we had a blast. We started to keep score, but DH had a terrible time with the three water hazards. So we just called it even and had a good laugh along the way.



I even left this adorable Painted Rock that I made.



Oh, and speaking of Painted Rocks, this is the group that I brought along with us to “hide” at each stop.

Our hotel was a small place, beach front and we were lucky enough to get a ground floor room. We had a nice sized room with a `fridge and micro, charcoal grill and picnic table right outside our door; since we wanted to spend most of our time on the beach, we brought supplies with us. It was mostly picnics and microwaved dinners, that worked.



On our last day in town we went over to Jesse’s Place for a big breakfast, YUM! 

I totally forgot to say, that was my very first time in the Gulf of Mexico!
The water was so nice, especially with it being so hot & humid there at the time. We thought that we had timed our visit to Florida for the “cooler season” but this year it came late  Thank goodness for paper folding fans and washcloths to mop ones brow 


So it’s time to move on again …