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Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 2

Thumbs up Day 2




Leftover Fried Rice, Bacon and Scrambled Eggs,
sshh, don’t tell DH!!! There’s 2 whites to 1 whole egg in there




Tuna Melt, MMM! 

I used Japanese-Style Mayonnaise, Kewpie this time around and chopped Black Olives.  Topped half the Sandwich with shredded Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, under the broiler and add a handful of Kettle Chips.




I went deep freezer diving and came up with Local-Style Beef Stew
that I made last month, divvied up and froze for several meals 
I had bought a chunk of fresh Horseradish Root to try…
I grated it over the top of each bowl of Local Stew And Rice,
THAT was delicious!!
My Mother had ranted and raved that fresh Horseradish would blow
your head off … NOT!  It did gave the Stew a nice back-ground note.