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Arizona To Florida Road Trip October 2019 ~ Part 9

Whenever we travel to a new city, we look for the “Hop-On/Hop-Off” trolley tours.
This is great way to orient ourselves with the area, get some local inside information from the guide/driver, while all the time, I’m taking notes.
We’ll make one circuit, decided where we’d like to go back to and see more. This trip was no different.
It took us all around the island or “key”, where we pasted by the hotel that we WERE going to stay.

Remember I made mention of an email I received just prior to leaving for Florida, that the hotel’s pool would be closed… WELL!
The entire hotel was closed down for a major face-lift and re-branding, to a totally different chain all together. Oh my gosh!

Anyways …



We dis-embarked the trolley for a rest stop and a re-grouping meeting.
DH waited back at the car in the AC and saw this.
What the heck!
I didn’t see it, but as he showed me the photo on his phone,
I squealed “That’s one of those big Iguanas they have here.”
DH confirmed, it was big alright!

Well, by now it’s time for lunch!

We had wondered around Mallory Square and in each shop we went into, I asked “where would YOU eat lunch?”.
One of the proprietors handed me a fistful of coupons for free this or that.
I quickly looked through them and made an executive decision:
Red Fish Blue Fish



This restaurant was on my radar, but best of all, they offered a free Beer AND piece of Key Lime Pie!



DH’s fresh local Oysters on the half shell …



… followed by a Chef Salad … I like the presentation!



… and my lunch of a half pound of the local Pink Shrimp  and a side of Coleslaw, perfect!

I missed a snapshot of the pie, which we did as a take-out for later, but I’ll tell ya, that was good. Each restaurant has their own way of making/serving their slice.
Oh, and did you see the chicken? There everywhere!  Key West is a Wildlife Sanctuary, so there you go.

Well, it’s hot & humid and we needed a dunk in the hotel pool. We’ll end the day here and tackle another one tomorrow …