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Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 6

Smile Day 5


We made it pretty far without any trips to the supermarket!




In Hawaii, we don’t normally eat a regulation “Western” breakfast… DH wasn’t hungry 
so I had a bowl of leftover Stew and Rice 




I was lucky to get a shot!!
Boar’s Head Roast Beef, sliced from the deli a ways back,
with melted Sharp Provolone Cheese, Hot Cherry
Peppers all on a Ciabatta Roll.
Sides of Kettle Chips and Coca-Cola, YUM!!




Again, lucky to get a photo-op before DH devoured it!

Leftover grilled Flank Steak morphed it’s way into Carne Asada Tacos.  Those are handmade Flour Tortillas from our local carniceria in town.  I toasted them over the open flame on my gas cook-top prior to assembly.
Them’s some good eats, let me tell you buddy!