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Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 7

Smile Day Six!


We’ve had Wintery-Mix since very early this morning,
it’s dark, it’s cold, it’s dreary




DH slept in and wasn’t in the mood for any sort
of Breakfast, again, so I finished off the last
of the Local-Style Beef Stew ala Chef Keoni
from Foodland

ONO! (that’s delicious in Hawaiian)




By the time Noon rolled around,
DH was starving!
So I cooked some thick Spaghetti
and warmed up the last of that
Pork Ragu (I still have 4 servings in the deep freeze)
I made for Sunday Supper.
I asked DH, who’s wife makes them
Pasta for lunch?
“Tony Soprano, that’s who!”




I wasn’t in the mood to really cook anything,
so I simply warmed some leftover steamed White Rice
and a boil-in-bag of Zippy’s Chili from back home,
aka Honolulu. I brought back a bunch of the
stuff, frozen, in my suitcase
Add some chopped Sweet Onions and Diamond Bakery
Soda Crackers
, also from Hawaii via my suitcase…
THAT’S comfort for us!

I’m stuffed 

*Post script: DH keeps looking the in `fridge,
freaking out that we’re running out of food!

Moi: Have you looked in the BOTH of the freezers yet?
DH: No
(as I whip open in the indoor one)
Moi: LOOK! See all of these frozen vegetables …
(as I throw open the kitchen pantry door)
Moi: LOOK! Do you see all of this?
(As I grab him by the hand and gently, yet firmly, guide him to the garage)
Moi: LOOK! Do you see my inventory of what’s in the Deep Freeze?
(As I yank open my dry storage cabinets)
Moi: LOOK! Do you see all of this food?
DH: WOW!  I know I’ve teased you in the past that you have too much stuff, but this is a good thing. I see this now. Look at all of this Pasta and Rice and …
You can make up all sorts of dishes, can’t you, with all of this?
Moi: Yup