Road Trip ~ Florida Back Home To Arizona ~ Oct-Nov 2019 ~ Part 6

Okay, now we need to put some serious miles in that rearview mirror,

Let’s Motor On!!



We stopped for the night in Forrest City, AR … it was just an overnighter to eat and sleep.
That, was horrible delivery food! 
We’ve only done this one other time before, that is to order dinner from a delivery service, NEVER again.



We stopped somewhere, I can’t recall where this was, to re-fuel and look what we found!
Remember when you got a bottle of Coke for a dime? 



Another overnight pit stop in Yukon, OK. We found a grocery store for just a few essential items and dinner was in our hotel room that night as well, but NOT delivery!



I always enjoy driving through the State of Texas. I really don’t know why folks saw that it’s just flat and boring.



Just outside of Amarillo Texas is The Cadillac Ranch, a road-side attraction that I have been dying to stop at.


The wind was wiping so hard that day and it was DANG COLD, but I was determined… DH stayed in the car.
I had my can of Gold Spray Paint and I was going to “Spread Some Aloha” come hell or high water.
It had rained like cats and dogs the day before and the mud was so thick around the Cadillacs to the rear of the row, that you could only get to the first one, but I did it!

One last stop for the night in Tucumcari New Mexico, this time we stayed at the Motel Safari on Route 66 rather than a big chain hotel.
What a really cool place! DH thought that staying at one of these old motels wouldn’t be a good thing, but even he was impressed. I wouldn’t mind doing an Old Route 66 Road Trip some day 



We had linner or late lunch/early dinner at Del’s Diner. That was delicious, loved the soup and salad bar that came with the meals, but now it was off to bed for us two.

And that was it folks!
From New Mexico it’s just a hop skip and a jump back home.

This entire Road Trip from Arizona to Florida and back again took us five weeks in total. This was our third Cross-Country Road Trip, but surely not our last.

Now we’re coming up on Christmas 2019 and we’re pooped, so let’s just hang out for now, because there’s more fun on the road ahead.


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3 thoughts on “Road Trip ~ Florida Back Home To Arizona ~ Oct-Nov 2019 ~ Part 6

  1. Passport Overused May 5, 2020 at 7:05 am Reply

    Great post 😁

  2. Krystle May 5, 2020 at 11:44 am Reply

    Five weeks! Now that is a vacation.. 🙂 It looks like you both had a wonderful time.
    A Hui Hou.

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