Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 16

Exclamation Day 14 and I’m DONE!!!

We have not come in contact with anyone for 2 weeks now
and I’m DONE!
Granted, I will still practice “Social Distancing” but I NEED
to get out of here!
At least go for a drive out in the country, or something where
there’s no other folk, just to be out and about.

For myself, I went with a nice, comforting bowl of
Congee or Jook. This is a Chinese dish, basically
it’s Rice and Turkey Porridge, I call it YUM!
DH can’t stand the stuff, so he had cold cereal 


I was out of any sort of Lunch Meats, and we were both
Jonesing for an Italian Hoagie!
So we decided to support our local Pizza joint with take out order!
I spruced it up with some Olive Oil, Oregano and Hot Cherry Peppers.


I grilled some Ground Beef Patties and scratched up
another Hawaii-Style comfort plate of
Hamburger Steak Plate!
MAYBE there’ll be cookies later for dessert, we’ll see 

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