Don’t ever, ever, I MEAN EVER buy this yeast!!


I went on the hunt yesterday at our local markets,
to find yeast so that I could make Pizza.
I found Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast,
sounded okay, it’s for Pizza, right?
I bought 2 three packs.

After a long day of cleaning out the garage,
I had really thought of driving 40 minutes
up the road to get Pizza/Calzone take-away,
but in the end I thought that was foolish and
made homemade Pizza instead.

I followed the recipe on the envelope to the letter,
baked it as described for 12 minutes at 425°,
until the Cheese bubbled and the crust was browned.



It came out like a biscuit, NOT PIZZA!



I made two and we only ate about a 1/4
of one of them. We gave it the old college try,
but that was TERRIBLE!

I NEVER throw out food, but this is not fit for Man nor Beast.

I looked it up online to search for reviews on this Yeast,
and found one put out my Cook’s Illustrated :

“According to the package, Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast allows you to mix, stretch, top, and bake pizza all in one go, with just a few minutes of kneading and no rising time at all. In addition to active dry yeast, the product contains a cocktail of chemicals and enzymes designed to relax the dough. Dough relaxers partially inhibit the formation of strong gluten networks, keeping the dough pliable and easy to stretch and making it quick to rise in the oven.

Given that the structure and flavor of a top-notch pizza crust come from ample fermentation, we were skeptical that dough made in so little time would be any good. When we mixed up a batch, our suspicions were confirmed. Although the dough was incredibly well behaved, stretching without snapping back and rising quickly during baking, its texture and flavor were unimpressive. The crust was leathery, not crisp, on the exterior and spongy and soft on the interior. What’s more, it was bland and devoid of the aromatic complexity that is produced in fermented dough. So we’ll pass on this turbo-charged yeast, preferring to take our time and make pizza dough the old-fashioned way.”

I couldn’t agree more with ATK/CI! I only wish that I had
seen this prior to investing $3

Oh well, I’ll put it into the Food Bank Donation box,
maybe someone else will enjoy it.

In the meantime, I’m still hunger, I suppose I could
scratch up a sandwich later,
that’s if I get the gumption up 

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