Save Those Egg Whites!

Not so long ago, I made another batch of Meyer Lemon Curd for a recipe I want to try later down the road.  This recipe calls for 12, yes a dozen Egg Yolks.  😮


What are we to do with all of these Egg Whites?



Freeze them!

I divvied up each Egg White into a small, snack size zip-top bag and then put all 12 of them into a freezer bag.  AH!  Don’t forget to mark the bag with it’s content as well as the date that you froze it, I’ve made that mistake a coupla times :/

You can then take out as many Egg Whites as you need for all sorts of things.


What I did was to add an extra White to DH’s Scrambled Eggs in the morning, SHHHH!  Don’t tell him that I was lightening up his morning 😀



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