Another Food As Gifts Idea

I had 4 Hoagie Rolls, that weren’t really that great,
and I forgot about them in the pantry … they went stale 

** note to self: don’t EVER buy rolls at Safeway again 

So I ground them up pretty fine in the Food Processor,
spread them out on sheet pans, toasted them in a low oven for about 5
minutes, PLAIN, no seasonings.  I do this with any leftover, stale white bread.  Do you know how much those blue cans of Dried Bread Crumbs cost?  Rather than throw out old bread, make bread crumbs and stash them in the freezer 💡

I let them cool and packaged them all pretty like
for my Neighborhood Gal Pals. They’re in zip-top
baggies in those embellished brown paper
lunch sacks, I gotta craft it up 

I went plain so that the recipient could flavor them
as they wish for the intended recipe.

Food as gifts, for free!
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