Back Home In Hawaii ~ May 2019 ~ Part 1

Geez, ya know what? It just dawned on me that we never talked about our trip back home to Oahu!  That was almost two years ago 

So let’s back this awfully strange train that we’ve been on ever since and start from the ending of our trip and work our way backwards. 

You’ll remember I posted that I had been absent for a time back then because my Dearest Husband had gotten injured, this was as we were dis-embarking our flight back to Arizona.


Yeah, so …  moving … backwards

Whenever we do fly back from Hawaii, we make our last stop before hitting the airport, ZIPPY’S!!!!

I need that last hit, because we won’t be having this again very soon

Sorry, I couldn’t wait to start eating!

I got us each a Zip Pac® for our on-board lunch (sorry Hawaiian Airlines, I don’t care for your free meals very much) and as the drink cart came past us I ordered a locally brewed Beer that our friend had introduced me to on this trip … Maui Brewing Co.’s Bikini Blonde

That was ONO (that’s delicious in Hawaiian) !!!!
So that was the end of our trip, but do please stay tuned as I continue through, backwards

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