Back Home In Hawaii ~ May 2019 ~ Part 2

Ya know when you go on a trip and you want to buy EVERYTHING to bring home? 

Yeah, NO!!

One must use restraint and NOT try to over do it!

I always pack a large, collapsible bag that I can jam all of our clothes in and then all the stuff  that I buy to bring back goes into the suitcase. This trip was no exception.

I had a bunch of frozen foods too, the usual suspects, S&S Saimin, Portuguese Sausage, etc… but forgot to take photos.

Now here’s the rub of this trip …

My husband has had his eye on this beautiful Koa Wood replica of the main Hawaiian Islands, FOR YEARS!

I had bought a hard-sided suitcase, small enough to take as a Carry-On, but large enough to pack-up fragile items to take back from Hawaii.

And that’s what blew out DH’s left bicep !!!

I had wrapped each ‘Island’ in Bubble-Wrap and very carefully packed these in the Carry-On bag, that we stashed in the overhead bin, for the Airplane ride back to Arizona.
It was easy going up, it was the trying to wrangle it back down that was the problem.

So ends this installment of our trip, but do please stay tuned as I continue through, backwards

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2 thoughts on “Back Home In Hawaii ~ May 2019 ~ Part 2

  1. Susan W-p May 31, 2021 at 1:18 pm Reply

    Just found your blog while googling Zippy’s mac salad. About to make myself a batch. I read this blog of yours about heading to Zippy’s first thing. It’s what my daughter and I do when we get home and the last place we go
    before we depart the Islands. A ZipPac is always our onboard meal. I feel badly for the people around us you have to eat the airline meals.

    • auntiedoni May 31, 2021 at 2:17 pm Reply

      Aloha no Susan!

      So glad that you found me.
      I hope you caught my copy-cat Zippy’s Mac Salad recipe blog, it’s the bomb!
      I made a batch this morning to go with our Memorial Day BBQ dinner.

      And yeah, I feel the same as you on our flight back to Arizona. I know folks are eyeing up our Zip Pacs 😀
      We can’t wait from them to open up on the “Ninth Island” aka Las Vegas, we go there often.

      I hope to see you here again soon, there’s loads of content.

      A hui hou,
      Auntie Doni

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