Daily Archives: November 15, 2021

Mushroom Crostinis

I know I’ve told you folks that I love to go to grocery stores and just poke around to see what I can find.

Recently I was in our local Trader Joe’s and I had been looking for their Mini Brie Bites, love those things, but they said that they were having issues with the manufacturer and yet THERE THEY WERE!!!

I usually pick up a loaf or three of the Ciabatta Demi Baguettes.
And as I was strolling past the frozen food case I spied this

Hmmm …

I sliced the Ciabatta, gave them all a quick toast under the broiler, followed the directions on the package of Mushrooms and assembled.

I arranged them neatly and took this tray next door for yet another afternoon of card playing with my Neighborhood Gal Pals.
These tidbits were gone in a New York Minute.

Remember, a recipe is simply someone else’s idea, take it and make it your own.

Cook for your friends and family!

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