Back Home In Hawaii ~ May 2019 ~ Part 6 

Well, this brings us to the last installment of our trip back home to Oahu, to the beginning of our trip – `cuz `member we’re working backwards, yeah. 

Our view from the lanai for the month

Once we get all settled into the condo that we like so much to rent, we head out for supplies and sustenance.  

This is a well-known catch-phrase in Hawaii, “First Stop Zippy’s” and that’s what we did!  

Let’s get some grindz! 

We went over acoupla towns to one of the nicer-sit-down style Zippy’s and we were not disappointed. 

I ordered the Fried Chicken and Chili plate and to my surprise, they had adult beverages!  Yes please! 

DH had the Surf-Pac – Teri-Beef, Spam and Fried Chicken. 


Now we’re home! 

Thank you so much for staying with me as we worked our way through this last trip home to Hawaii Nei.

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