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A Cross Country Road Trip ~ June/July 2018 ~ Part 5

Oh my, has it been over four months since I was last here?  Sorry.

Let me catch you up first by finishing our Summer trip 😀

Louisville Kentucky

This is somewhere my husband has wanted to get to for some time, to be more specific the Lousiville Slugger Museum and Factory.  This was truly is a fascinating place.  I thought, baseball bats, yeah okay.  But the tour was interesting.


Another attraction we wanted to get to was Churchill Downs.

I would highly recommend taking one of the tours and spending a few hours in the Kentucky Derby Museum.

Lunch that day was at The Brown Hotel, somewhere I’ve wanted to go.  Its simply Old Time Charm and Grace; the food wasn’t bad either.  They’re known for their Hot Brown, but that wasn’t for us.


From Kentucky, we drove on to Tennessee, Savannah that is, for two nights.

My husband is a huge Civil War buff and has wanted to get here to see Shiloh National Military Park.  This National Park is self guided and well worth the trek.  It’s a little ways off the beat path, but we like it that way.

Savannah is a small town with lovely folks and beautiful scenery along the Tennessee River.  Cat Fish is king here, so do your research.  We went to Hagy’s Catfish Hotel, an old Fishing Camp converted to a hotel and restaurant right on the river just outside of the Park in Shiloh.

The next town over is Adamsville where the Sheriff Buford Pusser Home and Museum is pretty dang cool.  You’ve heard of him, as in the movie Walking Tall… that’s him!  What a story.


Well, its time to head back on home.  It took us three days of driving with overnight stops in Van Buren Arkansas and Amarillo Texas.

THAT  was a whirlwind trip, especially after having only been back from Hawaii not even a month, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat!


A Cross Country Road Trip ~ June/July 2018 ~ Part 4

Upon departing Chincoteague Island Virginia, we headed for the wonderful little town of Salisbury Maryland.  This was a must stop for me!  We’d been here once before, some years ago and went to The Country House.  Both DH and I just loved the place.  There’s so many super cool home furnishings and décor here AND  now they have multiple buildings, filled!

We planned accordingly and arrived just about a half hour prior to their opening time and had breakfast sandwiches right across the street at Kellyn’s Kafe.  Good coffee, great breakfast sandwich and donuts too!

But we’re here on a mission, that being: find a new chandelier for our dining area.

I don’t care so much for the one that was included with our new home and have been waiting for this moment.

In our previous home, I had added a beautiful lighting fixture from The Country House and knew that I’d find another.


We hand-carried this home with us in our car from Maryland ALLLLL the way back to my kitchen in the middle of the desert.

Now mind you all, this was only a stop as we were actually headed for Gettysburg Pennsylvania.

My husband is a huge American History buff and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been to Gettysburg National Military Park, but this time we really wanted to go to the new Museum and Visitor Center.

You should be advised that your America The Beautiful pass will not get you in here for free, this is owned and operated by the Gettysburg Foundation.

We spent the majority of a day browsing through the museum only and still could have stayed longer.

It just so happened to be that we were visiting during the July 4th weekend and it was packed!!!  We did very well with the timing of everything.  As we drove the self guided car tour of the Park itself, it seemed as though everybody else was over at the live re-enactments, we skipped that and had lunch instead at The Pub & Restaurant.  Every time that we’ve visited Gettysburg, we’ve eaten here at least once, but for the life of me I can’t recall what we had on this occasion. HA!  😀


But it’s time to move on, we have a schedule to keep …

A Cross Country Road Trip ~ June/July 2018 ~ Part 3

Next up: A back road drive from Huddleston Virginia to Chincoteague Island Virginia.

We decided that we really didn’t want to drive on the big highways, its so much more pleasant to take the road less traveled.  It took a little longer, but well worth it.

Not a real big island, but what a great place!  And why are we on Chincoteague you ask?  My husband’s good friend of many, many years has a home there and it just so happened that he was there while we were passing by, so we stopped for a while.

[I just had to get a souvenir]

Chincoteague is just a quaint tourist town.  Cute shops, restaurants and oh yeah, the Assateague Ponies are right across a small bridge.  I couldn’t get a good enough photo of the horses, but WOW!  If you go, make sure you’ve got your NPS America The Beautiful Pass!

And talking about the restaurants, we went to two places that were fabulous!  DH’s Old Friend had asked what we’d like to eat and in unison we both said, SEAFOOD!!   😀

Ray’s Shanty, just off Chincoteague Island was just plain delicious!

My husband ordered a Fried Oyster Platter and I had the Shanty Special 3 Item plate of Flounder, Steamed Shrimp and Clam Strips, Oh My GOSH!!!  With a nice cold local brew on tap along side, I was very happy.  Oh yeah, we did share by the way  😉

The other great restaurant that we went to was Bill’s Prime Seafood and Steaks right there on Chincoteague Island.

Both DH and I had a salad, they were huge; I ordered Crab cakes to DH’s 2 plates of raw Oysters on the half shell.
That was a real treat for us!

Old Friend made us dinner too!  Gorgeous Prime Porterhouse Steaks on the grill.

Well, my DH and his Old Friend started to get-a-yackin’ and, ummm, kinda forgot the grill … it was delicious!

We both had a really nice visit with his Old Friend, but we need to motor …

A Cross Country Road Trip ~ June/July 2018 ~ Part 2

Well, we made it to Huddleston Virginia, Smith Mountain Lake to be more accurate.

The majority of the gang rented this large home right on the Lake, while we opted for a small condo not far away and also on the Lake.

What more is there to say?  We all had a great time with all of the water toys available

A nice Boat, Jets Skies, Canoes, Kayaks, Flamingo Floaties (these were my personal favorite 😉 ), Wakeboards, and Stand Up Paddle Boards… and what do you call that inflatable that you pull behind the boat?  OH! And did I say that this was the very first time in my entire, cough cough, years on Earth that I’ve been IN a lake?

There’s was definitely something for all ages and abilities 😀

That’s is our #2 Nephew on the WakeBoard, YEEHAW!!!

On our last night, our third Niece and her Beau got engaged on a Sunset Canoe ride for two, how romantic ❤

Also on our last night together, we had a catered supper.


That was some spread!

This Family Gathering sure was a blast, loads of fun, lots of laughter … we can get just a wee bit loud when all of are together, but I mean come on, there was TWENTY FIVE  of us   😮

But, it’s time to move on to …


A Cross Country Road Trip ~ June/July 2018 ~ Part 1

I have been most neglectful of my blog, yet again, but I have good reason, a road trip across the United States.  We went from Northern Arizona to Western Virginia and so many other places, but Virginia was the main event… A Family Gathering.

This is Kona, our nephew’s pup enjoying the Lake

My husband’s large-ish family planned a wonderful Lake Side week in Huddleston Virginia, so we had to hoof it!  `Remeber now, we’ve just gotten back from a month in Hawaii … In all, there were 25 folks planned for this get-together, phew!

Our first stop was Tucumcari New Mexico.  We’d stopped for an overnight stay once before and checked into the same hotel.  I won’t bother to tell you which one `cuz it was horrible and we’ll never go there again, for sure!

Next up was a two night lay-over in Fort Smith Arkansas, wow, that was a long drive, EIGHT HOURS  to be precise.

We spent the better part of our second day at the Fort Smith National Historic Site, fascinating by the way-you should go, and then started to look for lunch.  I chatted up the Park Ranger Pat, and she suggested Bricktown Brewery.


We started out our meal sharing an order of Bavarian Pretzel Sticks, served with a White Queso for dipping and then my husband and I each ordered the Bricktown Burger, again, yum!  This ¼ pound patty is served on a Potato Bun along with your usual suspects, oh and Sweet Potato Fries dipped in the leftover White Queso.

I also enjoyed a draught Beer, although I’d be hard pressed to tell you which one, but it was perfect with my meal.

Stay tuned for more of our month long adventure…