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Happy Aloha Friday, It’s The Weekend!

It’s Friday, kick back and relax for the weekend!


Happy Aloha Friday From The Beach

Newport Beach California

I know it’s not Hawaii, but this will have to make do, for now anyways!

On the Pier in Newport Beach California

DH and I went to Newport Beach California awhile back to get our fix of the Pacific Ocean; what a great trip!  We sure did need this, let me tell you.

Enjoy Your Aloha Friday!

Aloha Friday Kine Grindz! Kiyoshi Ramen ‘N’ More

Some time back, my husband was reading an article in the newspaper about this couple from Kaneohe (yes, I said Kaneohe Hawaii – where I’m from) who were opening up a Ramen Shop and on Friday’s they served Hawaiian Food… WHAT?!  I’m there!

I sent off an email to the establishment and received a very nice response saying that they are in the restaurant all the time; please stop in to say ALOHA!


We were greeted with a warm “ALOHA, welcome” by two young men and shown to a table.

Now, what to eat, what to GRIND?

I wanted to try everything and DH was eyeing up the next table’s HUGE ramen bowls… NO!  It’s Aloha Friday, Hawaiian food is the order of the day!

Kiyoshi Ramen 'N' More Chicken Katsu Bento

Chicken Katsu, Corned Beef Hash, Egg, Spam and Hot Dog all on a bed of steamed white Rice

My husband finally decided on the Chicken Katsu Bento, MMM!

Kiyoshi Ramen 'N' More LauLau Plate

Pork LauLau, 2 scoop rice, some of DH’s Hash, Macaroni Salad and in the little dishes, Haupia and LomiLomi Salmon

For myself, it just HAD to be the LauLau Plate! Oh my gravy all over my two scoops rice (that’s OMG! in my world) THAT was ONO~LICIOUS!!  I had been looking forward to this afternoon’s lunch, we hadn’t had LauLau since last May when we were back home in Hawaii.

My husband and I usually share our plates, so I guess we did get to try several things.

As we were finishing up our meal, I asked one of the young men if Celeste was in the restaurant, “Yup, my Mom is in the kitchen, she made your food.”  And just then up she walked, what a gracious hostess!  We sat and talked for quite some time, only to find out that we (both my husband and I) have several friends in common, and yet we had never met Celeste back home in Kaneohe.

What a wonderful Aloha Friday afternoon and believe me, we will be back to Kiyoshi Ramen ‘N’ More, often!

A Hui Hou!

It’s Raining!

Yes, it does rain the Middle of the Desert!

Rain in the Middle of the Desert

The Monsoon season seems to have started a little early this year, but we’ll take it, we’ll take any rain we can get.

Stay dry and cool my friends!

Happy Easter!

YAY! The Easter Bunny cam!


The Easter Bunny came to our house!

My husband and I both wish all of you a blessed day today, and that you’ll be spending it with ones that you love.

Happy Easter

A Different Way To Serve Chicken

Source: A Different Way To Serve Chicken

I was reading a post from one of the blogs that I follow, “whats for dinner moms”.

… and I started to think back to when I would plan our meals for an entire pay period, which for us was twice a month.  That’s when I would do our “big grocery shopping” and plan out what we were going to eat, depending upon what was on sale that pay day.  Usually, chicken, in some form or another, was on sale; I swear we must cluck having eaten so much chicken :D.

After reading what a hectic, wild week Koolaidmoms has and how smart she is with her family’s meal planning, I thought about Shoyu Chicken in the crock pot, yeah, that’ll work.

So here’s my amendment to my original post, see attached 😉

Fill your slow cooker with all of the ingredients and set it on HIGH for 3-4 hours or LOW for 6-7 hours.  You could even use frozen chicken, just adjusting the cooking time to HIGH for 5 hours and LOW for 8 hours.  This could comfortable feed 6-8 people along with your side dishes.



Is There Ever Too Much Fried Saimin?

As you all know, I come from Hawaii, and one of our New Year traditions is to eat noodles for good luck.  So, I made up a batch of my Fried Saimin, as I usually do, and it was way too much for us.

New Year's Fried Saimin

Also, in Hawaii, we don’t like to waste food, so we share with our neighbors, as many folks do.  I decided to take a container of noodles over to our local Fire House.  Two gentlemen met me at the door and very graciously excepted my parcel; I hope they enjoy this as much as we did.