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Has It Really Been 3 Months Since My Last Post?

Geez, I guess so.  It has been a wild and crazy ride here in My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert, I gotta tell you!

Here’s a quick-hit overview of what’s been going on and then I promise to back again soon.

Update To My Blog

I started to think about a comment that one of my blog’s followers, Krystle @ Pictures & Plane Tickets, made awhile back, that she doesn’t eat meat.  I know several folks who simply do not care for meat, be it the texture, the smell; my niece can’t stand to touch any sort of raw animal flesh.  I remember someone telling me that people who eat meat have a different sort of smell to them, HMMM, interesting.

Anyways, so I did some updates to all of my posts from the past 4 fours, to include Categories and Tags for Pescetarian Dishes as well as Vegetarian Dishes.  Now everyone can check out older posts that may suit their tastes better.


It’s PJ’s Sunday

It’s Sunday, a kick-back kinda day.  Like, maybe have some Pancakes and BACON!! for brunch, yes brunch not breakfast.  Oh, and there’s Sunday Football on television or you could possibly watch your favorite Baseball team; actually read the entire Sunday Newspaper, or simply snooze on the sofa all day.

But it’s DEFINITELY a PJ’s day, all day!

It's PJ's Sunday!

…and let’s not forget that comfy-snuggly-warm robe and some socks!

Another reason that I’m going to wear my `jammas all day is in solidarity for one of my “friends” that I’ve met through my blog.  Mrs. Beans aka Rita.  Rita’s blog is Whats2eat2day.  Rita and her husband are going through a rough patch right now and today Rita has proclaimed Total Pajama Day.  In support of my “friend”, I will stay in my PJ’s as well.

Happy Total Pajama Day!

It’s Raining!

Yes, it does rain the Middle of the Desert!

Rain in the Middle of the Desert

The Monsoon season seems to have started a little early this year, but we’ll take it, we’ll take any rain we can get.

Stay dry and cool my friends!

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Long Time No See

Yeah, I know that I’ve been absent for a while, but I have a very good excuse.  My husband and I sold our home in Southern Arizona and have moved to Central Arizona, the Gateway to the Grand Canyon.

Sunset in Central Arizona

We are renting a place from friend-of-friends for the time being and it is beautiful here!

More later, so stay tuned.


Let Me Know If You’ve Tried Anything

I was reading a couple of other blogs these last few days, and I think I’ve done myself a dis-service.

I noticed a tag at the end of each of the posts, asking the reader if they do make a recipe, to please take a picture of it and hashtag it.


Okay so, here’s the deal guys, please add #mykitcheninthemiddleofthedesert to your pics of dishes, or ideas that you’ve tried of mine.  Post them up on all of the various social media sites.  I know you’re out there.  Even it was a while back, I’d love to hear from you.

Shaka !

Shaka !