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It’s Friday, Have A Great Weekend!

… that is it say, Happy Aloha Friday, No work til Monday… get out there and ENJOY!

Kewalo Basin Harbor, Honolulu Hawaii

Kewalo Basin Harbor, Honolulu Hawaii


Okay, So Here You Go Then!

Our niece and I were video-chatting a few weeks back and she was asking me were in my blog she could find a recipe that I had posted some time back. She said that I didn’t have a Recipe category in the side bar, this was a challenge for her.

So my dearest Mary Elizabeth, here we are, Auntie has gone back over all of the posts and tagged all of the recipes.



I Have Officially Lost My Mind…

… If anyone out there does find it, please return it to me, immediately!

I some how forgot to title my last post! REALLY?

What’s the saying, “ it’s a b—- getting old”, they weren’t kidding!



Shaka!  Hang Loose!

Shaka! Hang Loose!

After Dinner Blurb

Oh my gravy all over my two scoops rice (that’s OMG! In my world), I never dreamed that we would actually LIKE whole wheat spaghetti with homemade Marinara, Trader Joe’s Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage, sweet Red Peppers and Onions. Not the traditional Sausage & Peppers, but a great diet, I mean new way of looking at food, substitute.


Blurb … Oracle Inn

Just a quick blurb to say DH & I were out and about this afternoon and decided to eat out at the Oracle Inn Steakhouse.  Not the first time that we’ve been there… Stay tuned and I’ll share more.

Cake In A Can Blurb !

I made this offer to my Face Book ‘friends’ and I thought to myself, what? I should be offering this to my blog followers too!

Get $5.00 off (limited time offer, so you better hurry)

Use the coupon code Facebooksfriends1 at checkout when you order one of Auntie Doni’s Super Moist Half Sized Rum Cake or Super Moist Half Sized Kahlúa Cake from my shop

These are old fashion homemade cakes from my kitchen, baked when you order them and shipped to you with care and ALOHA!  They’re great not just for your home but they also make a fantastic gift for someone else, maybe just to say HI!  A little cake puts a smile on everyones face.

Cake in a can

Can you tell that I get excited about cake?





My faithful laptop of eight years decided that he (I call HIM Harry or PITA mostly 🙂 ) was going to be a pill and not work anymore. DH insisted that he buy me a new one for Valentine’s Day, but I think that spending a hundred bucks to give Harry a transfusion was better than $500 + for a brand new guy. So, with that said, we just got PITA back from the nice young-geeky-boys and I need to catch up. I will return tomorrow, I hope that you with too.

Come Back Soon!

A Very COLD Blurb…

Oh My Gravy all over my two scoops of rice, that’s OMG !  in my world …

DH woke me up this morning saying, ‘I’ve moved us up North, IT’S SNOWING, LOOK!’ and throws open the blinds.

WOW! I had to take a walk-about and take pictures.

HEY! I’m from Hawaii, I never saw this kinda’ stuff until about 5 years ago.

I think that it’s pretty cool as I sit here, looking out the window, watching it snow, knowing that it’ll be gone soon; snow doesn’t last for very long here in the middle of the desert.

A Curious Blurb …

I started my blog on January 5th, so that makes it one month old.

I was looking over all of the posts and likes and comments, and wait, what?

Comments? Not a lot, curious.

Anyone have any thoughts on that?