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Keeping Freezer Inventory

There was a discussion about this on one of the Food Forums that I belong to. Now-a-days, it’s a good idea to have a secondary Freezer somewhere in your home; mine lives out in the finished garage. I have it on a separate circuit, so that if something else in the house “trips”, we won’t lose the entire load. 

For years now, even back when we lived in Hawaii, I had a small Chest Freezer.
This latest one is 5 cubic feet and works just fine for the two of us.

Something I’ve also done all these years is keep an inventory of what’s in there on a Dry Erase Board. I’ve found recently that I needed a second board.
With being in lock-down for the past NINE WEEKS  I’ve managed to fill both my Chest Freezer AND the `Fridge-Freezer in the kitchen. Whenever I put something new in, I write it down and of course when I take something out, it gets erased. Oh, and I mark all packages with the content and date that it was purchased.

Speaking of packages, I use a FoodSaver to divide up all of the Meats that I get on sale or at Costco in bulk. There are several different models available, I have the basic one that I found at Walmart for less than $100. I also buy the rolls of make-to-size bags there too.
For my homemade Soups, Stocks and basically anything liquid, I use freezer Zip-Top baggies, lay them flat on a rimmed baking sheet in the freezer, until they’re solid. Then I stack them up like books on a shelf to save space.

How do you freeze?