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Happy Birthday To Me!

Yep, it’s my birthday, today as a matter of fact. And seeing as my husband doesn’t know how to bake, I made my own birthday cake.

The recipe that I used for the cake is from BettyR at ChefTalk … thanks Betty, this is the easiest scratch cake I’ve ever made. I made two layers rather than three, as called for in this recipe and then a dozen cupcakes to share with neighbors.

For the frosting, I had a dozen egg whites (I only used 6 egg whites) in the deep freeze that were leftover from making Meyer Lemon Curd awhiles back. So I went looking for a recipe for Chocolate Italian Meringue Butter Cream that I have wanted to try my hand at. What I found even came with a video, very helpful, Mahalo (thanks) Dede Wilson at Bakepedia.

Hauoli la hanau, Happy Birthday to me!

Wahoo, New Kicks!

DH and I spent the Christmas Season with our two grand-nephews and their mom. We had SO MUCH FUN!

We all exchanged gifts on Christmas morning, early. The boys got pretty much what they had on their lists, as for Uncle and I, we did too.

Those sweet and thoughtful things made up a Shutterfly photo book of their Spring Break vacation out in Arizona with us and new kicks for Auntie!

Auntie's new kicks

I also got Jack to ‘donate to the Auntie cause’ with a pair of rockin’ socks!

Thanks Jackson B!

I love it!

Thank you Liz, Jake, Jack and `Scotch

My Obsession Is Perpetuated

That’s right, my apron collection has been added to by my chef friend, Joey. She knew how much I adore aprons and wear them every day.

Along our month long adventure through the West, DH and I stopped in to visit with Joey. She had made mention to me a few months back that she had been going through some of her things and found two aprons that she wanted to give to me. Little did I know that those two aprons were from her Mother and Grandmother.

I feel so honored to now be the caretaker of these treasured heirlooms.

Mahalo, thank you Joey.

Another Check Off The Bucket List


MAN, let me tell you! That was the best way to kick off Summer! My wonderful husband got us tickets WAY back in December of last year through American Express pre-sales for, wait for it, Fleetwood Mac, Live, in Concert at the US Airways Center in Phoenix last night!

I was SO excited! We made a mini-vaca out of it and spent the night, you know, we did it up right.

We left early-ish and stopped at Babbo Italian Eatery (sorry no pics, I was just plain too excited) and had a scrumptious late lunch of Spaghetti and Meatballs for DH and Chicken limone for me. We shared appetizer of Mushrooms and Asparagus with loads of garlic and shaved parm, delizioso.

We proceeded to the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Phoenix to relax for a bit. Then we went out for a pre-concert drink at the Network Bar & Grill within the hotel and up the block to the venue.

The group was stylishly late (about 20 minutes), but I’m sure that was because Stevie had to make certain she looked stunning and she did! Do you know old she is? She just celebrated her 65th birthday a few days ago, beautiful! Us old, I mean mature gals ROCK IT BABY!

Fleetwood Mac Live in Concert at the US Airways Center

DH got us fabulous seats, the only problem as that there was a group of younger folk (maybe in their 40’s) who decided to stand and dance along to each song; I’m just to dang too old to do that anymore. Most people around us felt the same way and remained seated. I was surprised that as we walked out after the almost THREE HOUR LONG SHOW with NO intermission, we could still hear. Lindsey was on FIRE!! What a concert, DH said that he felt that was better than any other show he’d seen, and we’ve seen a lot, so coming from him that is high praise indeed.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. We had a bountiful buffet breakfast at the Terrace Café in the hotel and made our way home.

Thank you again my dearest husband!


Big Event At The Shop Yesterday!

Yes Sir! Yes Ma’am! I added a new flavor to my shop at

Orange Grand Marnier Cake

Orange Grand Marnier

It’s so moist, so rich, so decedent, really surprisingly delicious.

Now, mind you, Grand Marnier is not an inexpensive liqueur, but with the fresh Orange juice and zest along with it, MAN!

NO, I’m not going to tell you how I make this recipe, but if you think that you might like to try it, you’re welcome to my shop

Can you tell that I get excited about CAKE!

Can you tell that I get excited about CAKE!

It's a cake, in a can

It’s a cake, in a can

And that’s exactly how it comes to you, in a can! An old fashion cookie tin to be more specific, this way as one customer puts it, it doesn’t arrive as just crumbs!


I’ve Been Busy

I’ve been busy all day on Pinterest (you can find Auntie Doni there too), have you been here yet?  What fun!  I’m getting some great ideas for more yummy things to create.  THEN, I looked up at I had been there ALL DAY!  I didn’t get a chance to collect my thoughts and post them on My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert.  So if you would, could ya’ maybe visit again tomorrow?


Happy Mother’s Day

Plumeria from Hawaii



Four Months

I don’t always look at calendars.  So when I did this afternoon, as I was making an appointment, it dawned on me that I hit my four month mark of writing this blog.

I’ve posted 126 articles

I’ve had over 1600 ‘views’

And people from 31 different Countries have visited

MAHALO!  Thank You ALL in your support!  ALOHA!


A common sight in Hawaii’s neighborhoods during Boys’ Day is koinobori,
large carp streamers or windsocks that “swim” in the tradewinds on bamboo poles
in front of homes. Following tradition, each streamer represents a male in the
household. The carp nearest the top of the pole symbolizes the father,
and is the largest. Additional carp represent sons ordered by age, working
downward from oldest to youngest.  Happy Boy’s Day guys.



… “Is Lei Day In Hawaii, garlands of flowers everywhere”…

That’s right, in Hawaii, Lei Day or May Day is a huge deal. When I was a kid in elementary school, on May 1st everything stopped. Every school in the state has a program with a May Day Court, Hula dances of all kinds, and parents vying for days off from work. I have very fond memories of not  having to do any work, just playing and dancing out in the big yard, no shoes on, wearing colorful flowered mu’umu’u and string leis by the basketful.  I hope that this video will make May Day your Lei Day.