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Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 16

Exclamation Day 14 and I’m DONE!!!

We have not come in contact with anyone for 2 weeks now
and I’m DONE!
Granted, I will still practice “Social Distancing” but I NEED
to get out of here!
At least go for a drive out in the country, or something where
there’s no other folk, just to be out and about.

For myself, I went with a nice, comforting bowl of
Congee or Jook. This is a Chinese dish, basically
it’s Rice and Turkey Porridge, I call it YUM!
DH can’t stand the stuff, so he had cold cereal 


I was out of any sort of Lunch Meats, and we were both
Jonesing for an Italian Hoagie!
So we decided to support our local Pizza joint with take out order!
I spruced it up with some Olive Oil, Oregano and Hot Cherry Peppers.


I grilled some Ground Beef Patties and scratched up
another Hawaii-Style comfort plate of
Hamburger Steak Plate!
MAYBE there’ll be cookies later for dessert, we’ll see 


Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 15

Day Thirteen

I’m thinking that once we hit the 2 week mark,
we’re good, I think.
But I probably will sit tight for awhiles longer.




I decided to make a large-ish morning repast

This is my plate, which you could tell, because there’s
butter on my Toast 

We skipped Lunch again today …




Since we didn’t have lunch, dinner was early today.
Grilled marinated Salmon Fillet,
steamed Green Beans
and the ever present steamed White Rice.




… will be Land O Lakes recipe Chewy Jumbo Chocolate
Chip Cookies with some Arizona Pecans added in.
I really like this recipe, ALOT!

Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 14


Day Twelve …

It was a quick bowl of cereal and some yogurt this morning,
as DH had a Doctor’s Appointment that WASN’T cancelled
by his office.
I was not allowed in to the office, they asked for patients only,
so I didn’t go along.


I had some leftover Bacon from the other morning’s
breekie, so it was BLT on toasted Rye for DH,
sans the Mayo
and White toast for Moi, excluding the Tomato
There were Chips of the diner’s choice and
Ice cold Coca-Cola to boot 


… was leftover Lasagna from the other night and
since I ran out of TJ’s Ciabatta Bread,
I used some Ciabatta Rolls from the Supermarket
that I had in the Deep Freeze to make Garlic Bread.
Don’t tell DH that there’s BUTTER 
on there along with the Garlic

Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 13

Day Eleven

This is getting old, but I understand that we need to do this.
The folks two doors over from us have NOT
been practicing Social Distancing nor Self-Isolation/whatever
you want to call it in your house, just stay in it! 
The Missus came over to our house to return a container
that I gave them sometime back with I can’t remember
what was in it, that I shared with them …
she wanted to give me a hug  I explained
to her politely that we’re not doing that just now 




I had a small bit of fresh Mushrooms that REALLY
needed to get eaten, so I decided on omelets (now that I
got another dozen Eggs, we’re good) with
some diced leftover BACON,
Chives and Cheese of the diner’s choice.
Added some diced Tomatoes for DH and some Rye Toast.
Not Pictured is a sliced Cara Cara Orange as a starter.




Tuna Salad on toasted White Bread and Chips.
I like to add slice Black Olives to my Tuna Salad, along with chopped Onions, Celery, Carrots, Dill Relish and minimal Mayo, ya know, DH had his,
“Eww, I don’t like that” 
Not Pictured was an Ice Cold Coca-Cola to wash it all down.




I was soooo happy to have gotten some fresh produce yesterday,
and I wanted badly a nice Salad.
I went with my Greek-Inspired Chicken Salad.
I make my own Greek-Style Seasoning and Salad Dressing.
Chop up some Romaine, Sweet Bell Peppers, Sweet White Onions,
Cucumbers, crack open and pit some Trader Joe’s Greek Medley
Olives and a good sprinkle of Feta Cheese.
We had leftover Trader Joe’s Ciabatta to go with and I happy!!!

As I review this post, I realize that we had bread three times today,
we NEVER do that 

Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 12

I must be loosing my mind 
I TOTALLY  forgot to say that I
placed an order online for groceries
for PICK-UP!!!
I didn’t even have to get out of my car.
I was given an allotted time slot for your
pick-up, and once there, you call this
telephone number at the designated
parking stall.  This very nice young Man
brought out my order
put it all in my car trunk!
On the site it says that they don’t
want you tipping, so …
I’m so very grateful!













Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 11

Arrow Day TEN!!!

I may have made mention that just prior to the Earth going off it’s axis,
I had gone grocery shopping and filled in a few, extras shall we say… things that we didn’t
necessarily need just now, but that was a good thing, as my girl Martha, Martha Stewart that is, would say



Sunday Brunch!

I found the local Carniceria a bit ago, and they make their own Tortillas
So it was Fire Toasted Flour Tortillas filled with Scrambled Eggs, shredded Cheese
and chopped Turkey Sausages


Well, we did have any, again today 



Sunday Pasta Dinner

I still had one more pre-made pan of Lasagna in the Deep Freeze with cooking instructions but no date on it   It turned out great!
That’s an 8 1/2 X 6 inch aluminum pan with FOUR healthy portions to it!

Add some Trader Joes Ciabatta  and we’re set for another meal 

Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 10

Cool Day Nine

Yesterday, I made some Bran and Nut Muffins
with the knowledge that Mister Dear Friend was
coming over for coffee… Missus DF 86’d that one!




So, DH and I slept in and had a very nice leisurely Brunch




… was the last of the Spam® Musubi 
I have no idea why I don’t make this more often




I went Deep Freezer Diving and came up with a
Trader Joe’s Hatch Chile Mac `N Cheese
steamed some frozen Corn Off The Cob
and grilled two B/S Chicken Thighs
with Miners Mix Maynard’s Memphis BBQ Rub

Dessert later will be Fiddle Faddle I’ve stock-piled from the Dollar Tree 

Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 9

Smile Day Eight

FINALLY!!  We have Blue Skies, albeit still cold outside;
it’s pretty looking out the back as we sit in our warm and comfy living room 
We got just about an inch of snow last evening,
but it’s mostly gone this morning.

So let’s start the day out right, with …




DH requested Cold Leftover Pizza from last night’s supper
I found my last Stuffin’ Muffin in the freezer, so I
basted one of my precious 22 Eggs I have left,
placed it gingerly atop a warmed mound of
Portuguese Sausage (Linguisa) & Herb Stuffing
and indulged!
We were both very happy.



Well, there was no lunch today, oddly enough, neither of us were very hungry. 




We concluded that we’d have an early Dinner and watch a movie later.
So I found some Homemade Lentil & Veg Soup in the Deep Freeze and made us each a Sandwich to go along side.

Eat What You Have!



Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 8

Post One Entire Week!!


Day 7

We almost got lured out and about by DH’s Buddy, Mister Dear Friend …
good try there son, but fat chance! We’re stayin’ put!  He wanted to go out somewhere…





I’ve been wanting to try this, smashed some de-frosted Tater Tots to stand in for Hash Browns.




I’ve been hankerin’ for some (more) local-style foods.



I still had that half of a can of Portuguese Sausage Seasoning
SPAM®, GLORIOUS SPAM®!!! after making Fried Rice the other day.
I brought this can back in my suitcase from Honolulu last May,
I also had a fresh pot of steamed White Rice,
some NoriFurikake and then I made a quick Teriyaki Sauce.
Assemble, wrap in Plastic Wrap, wait at least 10-15 minutes
and devour!!!




The oven is still heating up, but we’re having Homemade Pizza.
I make my own dough, sauce, but not the cheese 
I buy those balls of Whole Milk Mozzarella and shred it myself.
So a repeat from a few weeks ago.

Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 7

Smile Day Six!


We’ve had Wintery-Mix since very early this morning,
it’s dark, it’s cold, it’s dreary




DH slept in and wasn’t in the mood for any sort
of Breakfast, again, so I finished off the last
of the Local-Style Beef Stew ala Chef Keoni
from Foodland

ONO! (that’s delicious in Hawaiian)




By the time Noon rolled around,
DH was starving!
So I cooked some thick Spaghetti
and warmed up the last of that
Pork Ragu (I still have 4 servings in the deep freeze)
I made for Sunday Supper.
I asked DH, who’s wife makes them
Pasta for lunch?
“Tony Soprano, that’s who!”




I wasn’t in the mood to really cook anything,
so I simply warmed some leftover steamed White Rice
and a boil-in-bag of Zippy’s Chili from back home,
aka Honolulu. I brought back a bunch of the
stuff, frozen, in my suitcase
Add some chopped Sweet Onions and Diamond Bakery
Soda Crackers
, also from Hawaii via my suitcase…
THAT’S comfort for us!

I’m stuffed 

*Post script: DH keeps looking the in `fridge,
freaking out that we’re running out of food!

Moi: Have you looked in the BOTH of the freezers yet?
DH: No
(as I whip open in the indoor one)
Moi: LOOK! See all of these frozen vegetables …
(as I throw open the kitchen pantry door)
Moi: LOOK! Do you see all of this?
(As I grab him by the hand and gently, yet firmly, guide him to the garage)
Moi: LOOK! Do you see my inventory of what’s in the Deep Freeze?
(As I yank open my dry storage cabinets)
Moi: LOOK! Do you see all of this food?
DH: WOW!  I know I’ve teased you in the past that you have too much stuff, but this is a good thing. I see this now. Look at all of this Pasta and Rice and …
You can make up all sorts of dishes, can’t you, with all of this?
Moi: Yup