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Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 6

Smile Day 5


We made it pretty far without any trips to the supermarket!




In Hawaii, we don’t normally eat a regulation “Western” breakfast… DH wasn’t hungry 
so I had a bowl of leftover Stew and Rice 




I was lucky to get a shot!!
Boar’s Head Roast Beef, sliced from the deli a ways back,
with melted Sharp Provolone Cheese, Hot Cherry
Peppers all on a Ciabatta Roll.
Sides of Kettle Chips and Coca-Cola, YUM!!




Again, lucky to get a photo-op before DH devoured it!

Leftover grilled Flank Steak morphed it’s way into Carne Asada Tacos.  Those are handmade Flour Tortillas from our local carniceria in town.  I toasted them over the open flame on my gas cook-top prior to assembly.
Them’s some good eats, let me tell you buddy!

Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 5

Cool Day 4




I found some leftover Pecan Sour Cream Coffee Cake ala Chef John in the deep freeze that I had made awhiles back and had the forethought to put it out to de-frost overnight.
It was wonderful with some diced Cantaloupe and Juice.




I made Ham & Cheese Pinwheels ala Pillsbury™ Crescent Rolls, by request.

They were very good and fast!




I had gone grocery shopping just before the madness started,
and got me a beautiful bunch of fresh Asparagus, gorgeous!
I made a Chicken & Asparagus Stir Fry
served over the ever present steamed White Rice,
comfort on a plate for us!!
I got three servings out of it; I’m thinkin’
I’m going to share with Ms. Neighbor-Across-The-Street,
she does really cook, so …

Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Extra

I’ve talked about my Deep Freezer that I have out in our finished garage.  Sometimes, it can be a challenge to keep inventory of what you’ve got on hand.

During these trying times, we all want to try to eat/cook/serve what we’ve got on hand, and try NOT  to run to the market if we don’t have to.

Guys, here’s my preferred method of keeping track of my deep freeze:



I have two Dollar Store Dry Erase Boards,
these work splendidly, for me anyways.
I keep them on the top of the chest freezer,
that way I’m reminded to add or delete as
the case maybe, to or from my manual spreadsheet 

Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 4

Arrow Day 3

First off, I wanna say that what we’re doing here is all voluntary mind you, we’re not  sick.

We’re referring to this as Self Containment more so…but now it has a NAME!?

Social Distancing  oh-key-do-key then …




I had the forethought to make Cranberry Bran Muffins yesterday afternoon.
I served these with Butter and the last of my homemade
Meyer Lemon Curd.
Then I supreme’d two Oranges
and we washed it all down with Peppermint Tea and Coffee




I started to get a bit peckish, so I warmed up some
leftover Spam Fried Rice and did something I never do,
ate in front of my computer 
DH didn’t get hungry until much later in the afternoon,
so I suggested a PB&J on White Bread with a
glass of Ice Cold Milk, he didn’t turn it down




I started a pot of Homemade Marinara with Country Style Pork Ribs,
or what some may call Sunday Gravy.
I haven’t made Sauce in forever!

I left the Sauce to simmer slowly all day yesterday,
in my new favorite Pot
the house smelled so wonderful!

I let that cool and stashed it in the Icebox, pot and all, until this evening…
slow-cooked foods always taste better a day or so later, don’t you think?

I scooped up just enough for our Sunday Pasta Supper
and put the rest in the Deep Freeze out in the garage.
We had some Trader Joe’s Ciabatta and I found a
fabulous bottle of Sangiovese, squirreled away in my pantry,
to go with our meal.
DH doesn’t drink alcohol, so it’s all me! 

I’m tellin’ ya, we’re going to gain some serious weight
here over the course of our Self Containment, I mean
Social Distancing 

Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 3

At least our house smells nice!



I was taking stock of my Spice Rack in the Pantry,
and found this jar of Mulling Spice, Hmmm!
I had sectioned two Oranges for our breakfast this morning and
thought that I’d put a small pot on the back burner to
perfume the house.
Not that it needed it, I just thought that might brighten the mood
around our neck of the “desert”.



Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 2

Thumbs up Day 2




Leftover Fried Rice, Bacon and Scrambled Eggs,
sshh, don’t tell DH!!! There’s 2 whites to 1 whole egg in there




Tuna Melt, MMM! 

I used Japanese-Style Mayonnaise, Kewpie this time around and chopped Black Olives.  Topped half the Sandwich with shredded Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, under the broiler and add a handful of Kettle Chips.




I went deep freezer diving and came up with Local-Style Beef Stew
that I made last month, divvied up and froze for several meals 
I had bought a chunk of fresh Horseradish Root to try…
I grated it over the top of each bowl of Local Stew And Rice,
THAT was delicious!!
My Mother had ranted and raved that fresh Horseradish would blow
your head off … NOT!  It did gave the Stew a nice back-ground note.





Menus For The Quarantined Life ~ Part 1

As of April 1st, 2020 the Governor of the State of Arizona, instituted a “Stay At Home Order” for the entire month.  We are asked to only to leave our homes for essential things.

So …
My larder is well stocked, which includes a case of Three Buck Chuck 
I’m pretty confident that I won’t need to go to any stores for at least two weeks.


DAY 1:




Bacon and Trader Joe’s Pecan Kringle,
add a cup of Tea and I’m good 




PS Spam Fried Rice




The rain let up long enough for me to grill a nice
Flank Steak & Crimini Mushrooms,
add an Oven Baked (vs microwaved) Potato with all the fixin’s,
a chopped Salad and a glass (or three ) of Wine


~Author’s Note: No, we don’t HAVE to staying in,
we are simply choosing to do so.
At this rate, we may be gaining a few pounds