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Fresh Fruit From California

DH and I just got back from California.  We drove out to the San Joaquin Valley to visit with my Mother. The best, as well as the worst time of the year to go is early Summer, when the fresh fruits are bountiful.

For years my husband would ask me, “Why don’t I ever see you eating fruit?”  Well, when you’ve spent a good number of your Summers in “The Food Basket of the World” , where you can pick our own tree/vine/bush ripened produce, sit own your Great Grandmother’s back stoop and eat a still warm from the Sun piece of fruit, you’re spoiled for life.  I always have had a hard time eating “store bought” fruit with no taste, no heady fragrance, no juices running down your arm, I mean, come on man!

REALLY!!  How delicious does that look? 

That’s a flat of Peaches and Nectarines, we figure probably about 20 pounds.  Two pounds of Cherries, 3 quarts of the biggest, red-est Strawberries I’ve seen in a long time; we also got 2 pints each of Blueberries and Blackberries.  All are so sweet and juicy, they taste the way that they should.  My husband kept whispering in my ear, “That’s enough now, don’t buy too much.”

Mom and her best-est friend from childhood, took us around to the different orchards.  Of course they each had know the families that own the fields for three generations.  There’s no street signs, so if you didn’t know where you were going, you’d be SO LOST! This rural farm lands.

On our car trip home, our car smelled like heaven!

We do plan on sharing our bounty with others, like Mr&Mrs Dear Friend’s as well as our favorite neighbor.


Happy Aloha Friday From The Beach

Newport Beach California

I know it’s not Hawaii, but this will have to make do, for now anyways!

On the Pier in Newport Beach California

DH and I went to Newport Beach California awhile back to get our fix of the Pacific Ocean; what a great trip!  We sure did need this, let me tell you.

Enjoy Your Aloha Friday!

The First Day Of Spring

We have been on another road trip; this is why there has been a lapse in my blog.

This trip was multifaceted.  Our first stop was out to California to visit with my Mother again.  The San Joaquin valley was in full bloom and gorgeous!  I thought that today would be a great day to show and tell.

The peaches and nectarines were just beautiful with their pink blossoms; the nut trees weren’t too shabby either adored in white.

And the blueberries, wow, I can’t say that I’ve seen blueberries in flower before.

The best part was that the water is flowing once again in the World’s Food Basket and this gladdened my heart.  Thankfully, there is a good snow pack up in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and it’s already started to melt, sending life-giving water down into the valley, AMEN!

Make Sure It’s Color-Fast!

We took my Mother on an excursion into the Sequoia National Park and we got to use our “old person” card for the first time.  Once you pass your 62nd birthday, you can purchase a life-long entrance card for just $10!  This Senior Pass will get up to 4 adults in your car, into any National Park, wahoo!

WOW! That sure ran!

So to make a long story longer, we stopped in one of the shops and I found this really cute tee shirt on the clearance table, so I scooped it up as a souvenir.  Once we got back home, I went to throw it in the wash and thought twice.  Hmmm, pretty bright, vivid blue color there, I’d bet any amount of money it’s going to “run” like mad… YUP!

A Great Find On Our Last Road Trip, Miners Mix XXX-Garlic Seasoning & Rub

If you are one of my followers, then you may have noticed that I have been absent, that’s because my husband and I took off on another road trip out to California to visit with my Mother.

My Mom likes to go on field trips, and on this occasion we all went to Bravo Farms in Traver.  What a quaint place!

After we had our fill of fun and BBQ Tri-Tip Sandwiches for lunch, we sauntered into the shop and I found this:

I remembered a post not long back by PoTP on Miners Mix and I had to try one of their varieties.  The XXX-Garlic Seasoning & Rub is a winner!  I gave a New York Strip Steak as well as some Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes a health shake, along with a splash of Olive Oil and off to the grill we went.  Well, to be honest the taters got roasted in the oven.

New York Strip Steak & Taters with Miners Mix XXX-Garlic

We got ourselves a home run with this one.  Next time, I’ll try the Miners Mix XXX-Garlic Seasoning & Rub on some chicken for the grill, MMM.

Zippy’s Restaurants

Oh my gravy all over my two scoop rice!  That’s OMG! in my world…

One just MUST go to any Zippy’s on Oahu while there.  We had one just up the block from where we were staying in Honolulu.

We could have eaten here every day, for every meal, but we didn’t.  These photos are of some of our favorite dishes, taken on multiple visits.  Gotta say though, hands down, our fav is the Chili & Chicken Plate!  Both DH and I had been sooooo  waiting for that.  There are so many choices of local yumminess at any Zippy’s location.

I’ll stop now.



Grocery Shopping In Honolulu

Before you decide that you want to live full time the 50th State, think about what it’s going to cost you to eat.  When we lived in Kaneohe, I would just cringe every time I went shopping for food.

On our first expedition while on our month long stay back home, we sought out Walmart.  Now I know some folks are dead set against that brand, but when you can save a buck here and a few coins there, you do it.

Fresh eggs in Honolulu, FROM ARIZONA!

Here’s what floored me on this trip, EGGS!  Most fresh eggs are shipped in from the mainland.  Can you see the farm name?  Hickman’s Family Farm, and do you know where that is?  ARIZONA!  YEP!

You can find all sorts of treats in the supermarkets, like one of my favorite candies, Sesame Seed Candy, MMM!  Usually these goodies are made with peanuts, but these are the bomb-diggity  with Macadamia nuts.  Note to self: need to figure out how to makes these.  They’re ooey-gooey-chewy (watch your dental work) with that crunch from the sesame seeds and nuts.  AND, can you see where these are made?  My hometown.

Some other finds that I can’t get in the middle of the desert:  Miko brand Scottish Bangers, Diamond Bakery Crackers and Cookies and Hinode Rice (no meal is complete without rice in Hawaii).  I must admit, in less  than 3 weeks, we blew through that 5 pound bag of rice.