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Arizona To Florida Road Trip October 2019 ~ Part 6


From PCB we motored South to spend a few days with our Nephew and his family, outside of Tampa Florida.



Our first night with them was High School Football night, so it was a quick supper and off to the game.



This is why we wanted to stop here, not just to see family, but to watch our Grand-Nephew play football, YAY 



While here, our Niece-In-Law took me on my first adventure in a Publix Supermarket, WOW! What a fabulous place. I just wish we had these where we live. As she shopped, I just looked around and found this, something I had heard about but had never seen. Pre-sliced Taylor’s Ham or Pork Roll. 
We didn’t stay long, `cuz we wanted to get to

Key Largo, FL

On our way down, we hit a bit a weather. A Hurricane (I forget which one, they have so many) skirted by Southern portion of Florida, but hit PCB right where we had been! But we made it to our hotel, just a little shaken and wet.



What the heck is that right outside our hotel room? Dunno, but they stayed over there in all of the water, it got pretty flooded, so …



It cleared up enough that we went out back to the waters edge and what did I find, but a Tiki Bar, and they were serving, CHEERS y’all!




That was a long and tedious drive South, so we called it a night in our room with a warm cup-o-Ramen. I keep these sorts of easy-microwavable meals in my traveling kitchen just for this type of night 



Arizona To Florida Road Trip October 2019 ~ Part 5

Panama City Beach Florida was, interesting. It wasn’t what I had expected it would be, but all the same, it was great. Very low key, nothing fancy about it. Folks get around mostly in souped up golf cars! FUN! It seems like a very nice family orientated town, loads of stuff to do for the kids, besides the beach.



Even for big kids like us! We love miniature golf, or what we call Putt Putt Golf. Even though it was oppressively hot and humid out, we had a blast. We started to keep score, but DH had a terrible time with the three water hazards. So we just called it even and had a good laugh along the way.



I even left this adorable Painted Rock that I made.



Oh, and speaking of Painted Rocks, this is the group that I brought along with us to “hide” at each stop.

Our hotel was a small place, beach front and we were lucky enough to get a ground floor room. We had a nice sized room with a `fridge and micro, charcoal grill and picnic table right outside our door; since we wanted to spend most of our time on the beach, we brought supplies with us. It was mostly picnics and microwaved dinners, that worked.



On our last day in town we went over to Jesse’s Place for a big breakfast, YUM! 

I totally forgot to say, that was my very first time in the Gulf of Mexico!
The water was so nice, especially with it being so hot & humid there at the time. We thought that we had timed our visit to Florida for the “cooler season” but this year it came late  Thank goodness for paper folding fans and washcloths to mop ones brow 


So it’s time to move on again …

Arizona To Florida Road Trip October 2019 ~ Part 4

Next up …



PCB as the locals say or Panama City Beach, I say, BEACH!!!

… keep your radio dial tuned here for more … 

Arizona To Florida Road Trip October 2019 ~ Part 3

Next Overnight Stop …

Slidell Louisiana

We figured out that it took us a total of 13 driving hours JUST  to get across the State of Texas, WOW!

Believe it or not, we wanted to avoid New Orleans, yup. We’re not really big city type of folks, we don’t party on, anymore, so we took a wide turn off the path.

We found our hotel, which was a feat in itself, and went looking for some dinner.
I had a restaurant all picked out, but trying to get to it on the other side of the Interstate was going to be a bit more tricky than we cared for after a long days drive.
I spy …
Fuji Yama Hibachi & Sushi
AH, that’s the ticket! Our sort of comfort food, let’s try this.



must  have beer with Japanese food.



Both of us ordered dinner specials, which included Miso Soup and a Salad,
I love that dressing! A chef-y friend of mine gave me the recipe for it.



DH was pretty hungry, so we also ordered some Sushi. One Cucumber and One Asparagus Maki Roll, meh.



DH’s Chicken Katsu, not so good. I’m not too sure what they used for the coating, but I’ll tell ya, it wasn’t Panko.



My Beef Teriyaki, ack!

We’ve learned that when eating out and you do not care for your food, ask for a take-away box. Once you find the appropriate receptacle, deposit there. We don’t send it back, you have no idea what they’ll do to your food, just sayin’.

Tomorrow is another day …

Arizona To Florida Road Trip October 2019 ~ Part 2

Florida Here We Come! …

We like to plot out our Road Trips long before we leave.
We map out the roads we’ll take, the hotels we’ll stay at and look for attractions as well as places to eat.

Well, there was a small hic-cup the night before we started to head East towards Florida.

I got an email from the hotel we’d booked in Key West Florida, right across the street from the Atlantic Ocean. It seems that they were closing their pool and were so sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.
I thought, oh well, that’s okay, there’s the beach, right?
My husband thought otherwise…

“Nope! You need a pool when you’re in Florida, it’s just too hot and humid. Call them up and cancel our reservation, we’ll look for something else.”
It’s a good thing this happened actually, because I found an even better place that was cheaper! A fairly new hotel/resort, so there you go. But we’ll talk about this more once we get there…

So off we go …

Our first overnight stop was in Ft. Stockton Texas.
I had thought ahead and made us one of our favorite meals prior to leaving that lovely apartment with a gas grill: Teriyaki Chicken, Steamed White Rice and my Quick Cucumber KimChee.


(file photo-I forgot to take a snapshot, I was too tired)


This made the long day of driving easier, let me tell you.
We’ve learned that it’s better to have a pre-made meal that can be microwaved once we set-up camp in our hotel for the night.
Sitting in a restaurant sometimes can be unpleasant at times like these.
It was a fast continental free breakfast the next morning and we were off to …

San Antonio Texas.

My husband booked us into a wonderful historic hotel just a coupla blocks from The RiverWalk and The Alamo.



I think this was one of the nicest places we’ve stayed yet! 



The included breakfast at our hotel was a full hot meal with the coolest Waffle Iron!
Can you see the selection of syrups? Man!
I didn’t take a picture, but I had THE BEST Grits that I smothered in Sausage gravy, scrambled eggs and sausage on the side.



After breakfast, we wandered down to The RiverWalk, and really just walked around, beautiful!

But man howdy dowdy let me tell you it was sooooo humid! 
I had some forethought though and brought along my paper folding fan that I had bought at Marukai back sometime ago… do you know how many folks remarked “smart gal!” YUP! I also stashed a washcloth from the hotel into my bag so that DH could mop his brow. 



It was so hot and humid that we were in search of any sort of air conditioning we could find!
Landry’s Seafood Restaurant on The RiverWalk had just opened, so we scooted on in. We were the first guests for the day and got a fabulous table, inside, overlooking the water.
As we looked over the menu both my husband and I agreed that when possible on this Road Trip, we would eat fresh seafood as much as we could; we were in the right place!



We also decided that we would each order a starter and than share an entrée, if we were still hungry there’s always dessert.
DH ordered a dozen Oysters; I had a Caesar Salad and we shared the Snapper, marvelous!

The following day, we walked over to The Alamo, WOW!



This was so worth the short walk in the humidity, but now we needed AC!!! 



Schilo’s, what a find!
This was not on my radar but so glad that we found it.
Homemade Root Beer, Soft Pretzels with yummy Hot Mustard and the biggest Chef Salad I’ve ever seen in my life, which we shared by the way.
Our waitress was so nice, she brought us an extra bowl and two different salad dressings.
Didn’t know that you get refills on the Root Beer, so dessert was out of the question. What a fantastic lunch! 



We waddled back to our hotel and decided that since this was our last night in San Antonio, we’d stay in. In the lobby were many different frozen meals and dessert items, 💡 DING!  Dinner’s covered.

Tomorrow we ride at dawn …





Arizona To Florida Road Trip October 2019 ~ Part 1

First Stop …

Once a year, DH and I make a pilgrimage to Southern Arizona to see our doctors.
Now this may sound odd, but it took us a long time to find good health care once we moved to the “Mainland” and it’s become even harder since moving to Northern AZ.
We do have GP’s up here for the odd cold, flu shots and whatnot, but the big stuff is taken care of with our tried and true doc’s down South.

I found this great Hotel/Condo/Time Share, not sure what it is exactly, because each time we’ve been in the past three years, it changes.
But we love the place.
I reserve us a one bedroom apartment with a king sized bed. There’s a Living room, dining room, full kitchen and covered patio. The kitchen is fully stocked with everything that you’d need to prepare and serve three meals a day. The lanai has a gas grill, which is a HUGE plus for us. Oh, AND there’s a washer and dryer in the apartment!!! +++++



What I do is go to the grocery store once we’ve gotten situated, it’s less than a mile away, stock us up with whatever foods we will need for our stay and we’re golden!



The complex has a nice pool, splash pad for the kiddos, and hot tubs scattered throughout.



Our apartment on this stay has a lovely view!



There are a few restaurants that we go to while in Southern Arizona, not many, but we do go out to eat every so often. On this trip, we had breakfast at Sahuaro Café, MMM!



Also on this trip, we did a take out order of Mama’s Sicilian Deep Dish Pizza, meh. I think we’ll stick to the thin crust.



The apartment complex provides a few things to get you started, such as coffee, paper goods AND some microwave popcorn! I made us up a big bowl sprinkled with some of our Furikake to enjoy as we watched a movie in the very comfortable Living room one night.

So we’ve made the full round to all of our doctor’s, now, it’s time to get this Road Trip going!!

Let’s Get Ready To – GO ON ANOTHER ROAD TRIP!!!

This time it’ll be from Arizona to Florida and back again, yup.
On my bucket list is Key West Florida. Being born and raised in Hawaii, I’ve so wanted to visit here. For my bladdy-blah-blah birthday, DH agreed that he’d take me there (he’s been several times before he met me).

So let’s get ready.



I’m so happy that I found this new Mini Keurig coffee maker, I just knew that it would be much better than the coffee offered in your hotel room. Not to mention, they only provide you with two cups per day. We enjoy a cup or three in the mornings before we leave for the day; as well DH likes coffee once we get back in the later afternoons.



Along with paper goods, I also take along with us some S&P, spices, Shoyu (aka Soy Sauce) and Furikake, Mayo & Mustard and the odd condiment pack. I do cook/grill from time to time on Road Trips.
The Aloha Shoyu To-Go is new. I’ve been looking for this for years! I wanted the single-serve packets for Road Trips, but only found it this past May whilst back home in Hawaii, of course.
In addition, I pack-up acoupla per-made suppers, sandwich makings, a box of Cereal and Road Snacks.  😉



We never travel anywhere without bottled water, it’s a desert sort of mind-set. I’ve also brought along on this trip some small single-serve bottles of Juices for early blast off days and when hotel-free-breakfast isn’t available.
You can’t see it, but back there is a case of wine for you know, emergencies.

See those floral plastic bins? I got them at the Megamart for $5 each… I felt that they would work well as my “kitchen on the road” so to speak. That way if there’s any spillage along the way, no big deal.
Also not visible are two large covered plastic bins with 1 weeks worth of clothes for each of us, we’ll do laundry along the way when necessary.

So the car is pack and loaded for bear (and I think I did a pretty dang good job of it even if I do say so my self), it’s time to go!


A Cross Country Road Trip ~ June/July 2018 ~ Part 1

I have been most neglectful of my blog, yet again, but I have good reason, a road trip across the United States.  We went from Northern Arizona to Western Virginia and so many other places, but Virginia was the main event… A Family Gathering.

This is Kona, our nephew’s pup enjoying the Lake

My husband’s large-ish family planned a wonderful Lake Side week in Huddleston Virginia, so we had to hoof it!  `Remeber now, we’ve just gotten back from a month in Hawaii … In all, there were 25 folks planned for this get-together, phew!

Our first stop was Tucumcari New Mexico.  We’d stopped for an overnight stay once before and checked into the same hotel.  I won’t bother to tell you which one `cuz it was horrible and we’ll never go there again, for sure!

Next up was a two night lay-over in Fort Smith Arkansas, wow, that was a long drive, EIGHT HOURS  to be precise.

We spent the better part of our second day at the Fort Smith National Historic Site, fascinating by the way-you should go, and then started to look for lunch.  I chatted up the Park Ranger Pat, and she suggested Bricktown Brewery.


We started out our meal sharing an order of Bavarian Pretzel Sticks, served with a White Queso for dipping and then my husband and I each ordered the Bricktown Burger, again, yum!  This ¼ pound patty is served on a Potato Bun along with your usual suspects, oh and Sweet Potato Fries dipped in the leftover White Queso.

I also enjoyed a draught Beer, although I’d be hard pressed to tell you which one, but it was perfect with my meal.

Stay tuned for more of our month long adventure…

Our Great Western Adventure ~ September 2013 ~ Installment #15 ~ Last Stop

I’m going to leave out Cheyenne Wyoming, mainly because it was simply a stop to sleep as we made our way to our final town, Durango Colorado.

DH and I have been here a few times before for visits with a friend of mine, but honestly, we really like it there.

The drive from Cheyenne though was a little harrowing to say the least. As we approached a mountain pass, we could see that a pretty bad looking storm was coming. Unfortunately it hit us full force as we got to the top of Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado.

I have never, in my life, been so scared.

Hail, snow, sleet, ice, all coming down in buckets, the first winter storm of the season, great! My husband pulled off of the road twice, mostly because we just couldn’t see and we don’t have four wheel drive. Somehow, we made it down the other side of that mountain and were only 3 hours beyond our estimated time of arrival at our hotel.

Well, the next morning the sun was out and there was oodles of snow up on the mountains, so we took a drive from Durango to Silverton. A little cold for a gal from Hawaii, but just gorgeous!

Sautéed Sesame Beef rice bowl @ Rice Monkeys in Durango Colorado

My friend is a chef in Durango, so who better to ask where to eat, right? We had lunch at Rice Monkeys. We ordered Edamame to start and then Teri-Chicken rice bowl for DH (didn’t get a photo `cuz hubby wolfed it down) and Sautéed Sesame Beef rice bowl for myself. That hit the spot!

The following day we were having dinner at our friend’s home, so we figured a big breakfast or brunch as it was, would be best. On my DF’s suggestion, we went to Durango Doughworks. The best  bagel that we’ve had in a very long time, good call Joey! In fact, we wound up eating breakfast here twice on this visit and I’m sure that we’ll be back again the next time that we are in town.

Dinner at my chefy-friend-Joey’s was the bomb-diggity! She pulled no punches, she put out a spread of so many different dishes, I wasn’t sure where to start. The best plan of attack was to try a little of everything!

Our last night in Durango, we went to dinner at Mutu’s Italian Kitchen, once again on my girl friend’s recommendation. She knew that my husband would enjoy his meal, and he sure did.

Our Great Western Adventure

Now it’s time to head towards home, we’ve been on the road for a month, though neither of us really felt like we wanted this to end.


Our Great Western Adventure ~ September 2013 ~ Installment #14 ~ Onward!

It’s eight o’clock in the morning and we’re already headed down the the road before us. We wanted to get a good head start to the day as we made our way towards the Badlands National Park.


I found it fascinating all the different colors of the rock formations. We stopped at one of the overlooks, walked up to the rail and here’s these two Big Horn Sheep, MAN! And the Prairie Dogs here, I’ve never seen so many in one place, and fat !   We had a picnic lunch at the Visitor’s Center and then motored on to…

Wall South Dakota

What, you’ve never heard of Wall Drug and the free ice water? It was a blast, I didn’t know that it was so big. We decided on a snack after walking and shopping.

Their doughnuts were outstanding, so were the pies, we tried our slice ala mode along with some free ice water, that’s what they’re known for.

our hotel in Wall South Dakota

We found our hotel, not that difficult, Wall South Dakota is not very big. We only stayed one night, so we made supper just a simple salad in our room and it was to bed early, so that we would be fresh for our next stop.