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Where Have You Been And Started To Sing … ? ~ Part 5

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

The morning after a pretty good snow storm a coupla years back, DH and I took a drive up to the South Rim of The Grand Canyon… we don’t live terribly far away.
We took a picnic lunch, a thermos of hot Coffee and made a day of it.



Where Have You Been And Started To Sing … ? ~ Part 4


I took this photograph May of 2019, on one of our last days back home in Honolulu Hawaii. The Sun was just going down and the colors grabbed me and chocked me up.

With tears rolling silently down my cheeks I sang …


Aloha Oe


Who would have known at the time that I probably will never return.

It’s been a very difficult year for everyone, but Hawaii has been hit extra hard and I’m certain that we won’t be able to go home again for a very, very long time.

“… one fond embrace, until we meet again.”

Where Have You Been And Started To Sing … ? ~ Part 3

… Somewhere along The Million Dollar Highway in Colorado, what a ride!

I have goose bumps just thinking back on this day back in 2014 … it was a cool and crisp Fall day, we were visiting friends in Durango and headed over the mountain after an early snow storm.

We pulled off the road to take photographs and it just tumbled out  …. “Rocky Mountain High … in Colorado … “

Funny thing, the other folks that had pulled off to gaze in awe, started to sing with me!

Where Have You Been And Started To Sing … ? ~ Part 2

posted a ways back about standing atop Pikes Peak in Colorado and found myself singing America The Beautiful, out loud mind you! 

Well, one of my blog followers had made mention the she’d like to read more about this series… Krystle, you’ve inspired me, mahalo, thank you friend!

There are many times that a song will pop into my head, especially when we’re traveling.
When we go home to Hawaii, there are more than I could count.

This is a photograph of my Husband that I took of him standing on the Beach on Oahu, our last day there back in 2015.
I was sitting at the Shore Break with huge Crocodile tears welling up in my eyes. Thank goodness DH didn’t see that, or hear my voice breaking as I softly sang to myself, Honolulu City Lights.

“… Bring me back again …”

Where Have You Been and Started To Sing … ?

In the Summer of 2011, DH and I took a road trip and one
of the places that we went, that was SOOOOOOOO amazing,
was Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs.
We took the Cog Railway to the top, over 14,000 feet above sea level…


And yes, I did stand there, looking out over this gorgeous vista,
and sang America The Beautiful.
albeit was a little hard, being so out of breath,
but I did it, out loud!
I can see why Ms. Bates wrote this, WOW!!!
I think I just might turn this into a running series, because there have been so many places that we’ve traveled and I’ve started to sing songs that were inspired by that locale.
Where have you been?