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Crostata Two Ways

Crostata, Galette, Pie, whatever you want to call it, it tastes pretty dang good!

I do recall telling everyone about what my husband calls “Your Apple Pie” .   I found two lonely Apples in the `fridge that sorely needed to be eaten or pitched out, I opted for pie.

I also found a quart of fresh Cherries that got pushed to the back of the ice box, so I figured, let’s make two pies.  I do not own a Cherry Pitter, so used my paring knife to pit the fruit… have you ever done that?  My hands were cramping up by the time I got through all of them, one by one!

This was the first time that I’ve ever made a fresh Cherry Pie and I’ll be doing it again.

YUM!  That was so worth it.  Now, if we only had some Vanilla Ice Cream.

Fresh Fruit From California

DH and I just got back from California.  We drove out to the San Joaquin Valley to visit with my Mother. The best, as well as the worst time of the year to go is early Summer, when the fresh fruits are bountiful.

For years my husband would ask me, “Why don’t I ever see you eating fruit?”  Well, when you’ve spent a good number of your Summers in “The Food Basket of the World” , where you can pick our own tree/vine/bush ripened produce, sit own your Great Grandmother’s back stoop and eat a still warm from the Sun piece of fruit, you’re spoiled for life.  I always have had a hard time eating “store bought” fruit with no taste, no heady fragrance, no juices running down your arm, I mean, come on man!

REALLY!!  How delicious does that look? 

That’s a flat of Peaches and Nectarines, we figure probably about 20 pounds.  Two pounds of Cherries, 3 quarts of the biggest, red-est Strawberries I’ve seen in a long time; we also got 2 pints each of Blueberries and Blackberries.  All are so sweet and juicy, they taste the way that they should.  My husband kept whispering in my ear, “That’s enough now, don’t buy too much.”

Mom and her best-est friend from childhood, took us around to the different orchards.  Of course they each had know the families that own the fields for three generations.  There’s no street signs, so if you didn’t know where you were going, you’d be SO LOST! This rural farm lands.

On our car trip home, our car smelled like heaven!

We do plan on sharing our bounty with others, like Mr&Mrs Dear Friend’s as well as our favorite neighbor.

Time For A Cocktail

It just struck me that I shared highlights from our road trip to Prescott, but not one of the fun (just one mind you) points of my birthday, Cherry-tinis.

The vodka was homemade, that’s to say, I made it. Well, I had a bottle of Smirnoff vodka in the pantry that had been sitting there for probably a good year. My younger sister is the only one who really likes to drink vodka, and she hasn’t come to Arizona for quite some time.

Early last Spring, the Cherries that came to our part of the country were absolutely gorgeous. They were deep red, sweet and not a single blemish on them.


I had some Mason jars leftover from another project. So I gave the fruit a good wash, removed their stems and got the jars ready.

Cherry Vodka

I left the pits in them and stuffed the jars as full as I could without crushing the Cherries.

Cherry Vodka

When I poured the vodka in, it turned this beautiful crimson. I had done some research on the Internet, but all I could find was Cherry Cordial type recipes, nothing made with vodka. Have you seen how much they want for flavored vodka? I really didn’t want a sweet drink.

I also had read that it should stay in a cool dark place for a few months. So as we packed up the car for trip to Prescott, I thought that our friends might enjoy this.

Cherry-tinis, Cheers!

I made cute labels on our home office printer to send these jars over the top.  Mister  Friend doesn’t drink, but wanted to taste the cherries, de~li~cious!!  So we grabed some toothpicks and skewered cherries rather than using olives or cocktail onions to swirl around in our `tinis.