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Lomi Lomi Salmon, It’s Time For Another Luau

If you’ve read my bio, you’ll already know that I’m from Hawaii, but I bet you didn’t know that I am of Hawaiian decent.  Now with this said, let’s talk about a dish that you’ll find at most Luaus in Hawaii, Lomi Lomi Salmon, we just call it Lomi Salmon …  MMM!

Taro Brand Lomi Salmon sold at Costco in Hawaii

[Photo credit : Taro Brand Lomi Salmon at Costco]

Back home, I could buy this in a plastic tub in the cold case at any local supermarket.  I never NEEDED to know how to make this scrumptious party staple, but I do now.  So, I searched the internet and found Capt. Mike’s recipe on Fish Maui’s website.

Hmmm, Salt Salmon, the first ingredient.  Now where on Earth am I going to find that here in the middle of the desert I ask you?

WELL!  Capt. Mike includes the recipe or I suppose it’s more of a technique to make Salt Salmon.  One of the things about that plastic tub of ‘Lomi’ in the market was, there wasn’t enough fish in it for our liking.  By figuring out how to make my own, it’s got LOADS of Salmon!

So I had some frozen Salmon from Costco; I defrosted an eight ounce fillet, covered it in Hawaiian Sea Salt in a glass bowl, covered that with plastic wrap and stashed it in the cold box for 3 days.  What a huge difference in the texture of the fish’s flesh, very firm.  Follow the rest of the instructions from Capt. Mike, but here’s where I make my own twist.

Bowl-full-of-tomatoes on my kitchen counter

Isn’t that gorgeous?

I had a bowl full of Heirloom, San Marzano and Roma tomatoes sitting in a bowl on the kitchen counter.  Why not.  Most Lomi Salmon dishes that you see are made with just red tomatoes, I kind of liked the different colors of the Heirlooms.

diced Heirloom Tomatoes

I diced up a mix of the tomatoes…

small dice Salt Salmon









Diced the Salt Salmon pretty small …

all of the ingredients for Lomi Salmon

Thinly sliced some Green Onions and finely diced a bit of Sweet White Onion, like a Maui or Vidalia.

I really couldn’t say how much of the tomatoes or onions that I used, I just added what looked about right in the bowl, remembering that we wanted a good amount of fish.  This isn’t  a tomato and onion salad after all.

Give it all a stir, cover with plastic wrap and chill for at least 4 hours or even overnight to let all the flavors meld together.

Plated Lomi Salmon with Kalua Pig and Cabbage with steamed White Rice

Serve icy cold (add ice cubes if needed) with a big scoop of Kalua Pig and Cabbage, along with steamed white rice.(see the link on how to make the Kalua Pig). 

You don’t have to add the cabbage, but I try to sneak in as many veggies as I can get away with.

This was just enough Lomi Salmon for the two of us, but we REALLY like it, so I piled it on!  For regular diners, I’d say that this would serve 4 easily.

Now that’s a Luau, BABY!