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Happy Easter Cookies

What? Cookies in our Easter baskets? Where’s the candy?

Well, I think that you don’t always have to have the same thing in your Easter basket each year. And yes, I make up a goodie gift for my husband and mother at Easter. I’ve been wanting to make iced sugar cookies and I saw these cookie cutters in the cutest Spring shapes, I couldn’t resist.

I followed Martha Stewart’s recipe for the cookies, all though I think that they could have been rolled a bit thicker; then found some meringue powder and made royal icing to decorate.

Aren’t they just the most darling cookies, you don’t want to eat them… RIGHT!

Meyer Lemons Are In Season

My mother has been looking for Meyer Lemon Marmalade at every Farmer’s Market that we go to, but to no avail. I was in my favorite green grocers and they had the beginnings of this year’s crop, not a bad price either, $1.99 per pound. Being the fantastic daughter that I am, I made a batch for her, well all of us.

I did an Internet search for a sugar free recipe, but can you believe it? Not one! So, I had to piece together my own.

make sure to got out all of the seeds

I washed and de-seeded the fruit, saving the pips in a gauze spice bag for later use.

… halved, then quartered and lastly sliced the fruit as thinly as I could (I used by uber-sharp slicing knife)

… chucked the lemons along with that bag of seeds in to a non-reactive pot (I have a Le Creuset dutch oven) and just enough cool water to cover the fruit. I slapped on the lid and let it sit at room temperature for 24 hours. The aroma when you open that pot, MAN!

So now let’s cook some jam. Since we want this to be sugar free for mom, I did another search to find out about the different sugar substitutes. Splenda is recommended for canning along with a packette of ‘no sugar needed’ fruit pectin.

that's alot of Splenda

I opened a lot of packettes.

I simmered the pot of lemons and water for 10 minutes and then removed the seed-bag; continued to cook the fruit until reduced to about 4 cups. Add the sugar substitute and then the pectin, cook for 1 more minute. Carefully, I ladled the jam into my prepared jars.

Now we need to can these babies. I have a make-shift set up for canning, since I don’t do a lot of it. I wrap multiple rubber bands around my tongs, make a rack out of tin foil and use my 12 quart stock pot full of boiling water. It works for me! I bring the water to a full rolling boil and time it for 15 minutes, DING!

let the jam cool

Now I remove the jars with the tongs and rest them on some kitchen towels for 24 hours. We let them sit in the back of the cupboard for 2 weeks before we dove in.

Mom and I enjoyed ours on some biscuits. I also gave a jar to my chef-gal-pal Joey, who used it on I think she said fish and lamb chops. Well, we have no more sugar free Meyer Lemon Marmalade, so I made a batch of sugared jam, sorry mom.

Meyer Lemon Marmalade made with Sugar

It’s so pretty!

Let’s Try This Again

I’ve tried to replicate the cake pop that I had a few months back in Scottsdale, but…

This time I had a Rum Cake in the freezer, why not give it another shot. I had a package of vanilla flavored Candy Melts and more sprinkles.

DH loved these, me, not so much. WAY  too sweet for me.

Oh well.

Big Event At The Shop Yesterday!

Yes Sir! Yes Ma’am! I added a new flavor to my shop at Etsy.com

Orange Grand Marnier Cake

Orange Grand Marnier

It’s so moist, so rich, so decedent, really surprisingly delicious.

Now, mind you, Grand Marnier is not an inexpensive liqueur, but with the fresh Orange juice and zest along with it, MAN!

NO, I’m not going to tell you how I make this recipe, but if you think that you might like to try it, you’re welcome to my shop

Can you tell that I get excited about CAKE!

Can you tell that I get excited about CAKE!


It's a cake, in a can

It’s a cake, in a can

And that’s exactly how it comes to you, in a can! An old fashion cookie tin to be more specific, this way as one customer puts it, it doesn’t arrive as just crumbs!


Everybody Loves A Bargain

Yup, that’s what I said. Who does like a good deal. With the economy in the shape that it’s in, we all need to find a way to make that nickel scream (it use to be a penny, but with inflation and all).

At the end of a rough day or week or month, whatever nonsense you’ve been going through, sometimes you need some cheering up. Now, I’m not saying that you should eat yourself into a coma when you feel blue or anything, but food can be a comfort. When you were feeling lousy with a head cold and your parent brought you a warm cup of soup; the vapors helping to relieve that stuffy nose. Or that piece of ‘emergency chocolate’ that no one knows about, stashed in the back of your office desk drawer. Food makes us happy.

Along that vein, I want to offer up some comfort of my own kind to you, my friends in the blog-world.

My ‘shop’ Cake In A Can is having a sale.

You can get $3 off any cake at etsy.com/shop/CakeInACan by using the coupon code FOLLOWCAKEINACAN1  at check out.

That makes your cake $13.99 + shipping and handling.

A freshly baked cake is homemade when you order it. None of this ‘take n bake’ or add this add that … NO  it’s really a cake, shipped to you in an old school cookie tin (which is terrific to re-purpose… it does have any type of Christmas decorations on it!).

Cake In A Can

Make someone smile, send them a cake.

Who doesn’t like CAKE!


YEAH! Finally, A Sale!

Oh my gravy all over my two scoops rice!  (that’s OMG! In my world)

This past weekend I made my very first sale, FOR MONEY!!! At my ‘shop’ etsy.com/shop/CakeInACan


I have been networking, giving out free samples, knocking on doors, sending emails, Face Booking, Twittering, everything that I could think of that didn’t cost me much money, to get this baby off the ground. And …


One of the folks that we gave a sample to loved it and I hope that this will start a new chapter. Now look, I’m not looking to be next wealthiest old lady in the world or be some new Cooking show whatever kitchen goddess, I just want to share with the world my cakes that are so dang tasty.

Cake In A Can

I’ve been making these particular cakes for MANY  years and this past Christmas our friends, who both own their own small business, suggested that I sell these cuties online. What the heck, I’ve got nothing to lose, I’m retired.

So if you feel the need for cake, visit my ‘shop’ and see what you think.


Something Different To Take Home

Whenever DH and I travel, whether it’s across the country or the Pacific Ocean, I like to bring back different types of souvenirs. Last year from Hawaii, I brought back a Maki Sushi form so that we could make Cucumber Sushi the easier way. Now each time that I make it, I think about that trip.

Last week we were at the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There are no words in any language to describe it, you just have to go there and feel it, not just see it. I could easily have sat in one spot (preferable outside on the patio at the El Tovar with a glass of wine), and simply stared off into the abyss for a day. Our time at the Park was spent primarily on the Eastern side of the South Rim; we plain needed more than one day. At each of the different venues that we stopped to look at wares for sale, I was thinking of something different, but nothing struck me. Later that evening, while wondering around the small town of Williams where we were staying, our niece and I went into one of many cute shops along Historic Route 66, and there sat a bar in the middle of the trinkets. Interesting. A lovely woman offered us wine samplings from some of the local vineyards that she had. I chose a nice dry white wine and asked if there were glasses for sale as well. Why, yes, yes they did. NICE!

There’s my memento to take home! No one else in our party found theirs, unfortunately.


Another Idea For Food As Gifts

This past Christmas, I made up a little something for both my mother and sister.  They both ask me over and over how I make my Quick Cucumber Kim Chee.  I have an old word processing program that has the cutest collection of recipe cards that you can make yourself.  So, I sat down and thought about it, printed out the cards and pulled down some of my empty spice jars.  My trusty label maker still worked, thank goodness.  And Bob’s your uncle, a nifty food gift.

food as gifts

You could make up a collection of different spices and rubs that you have in your own kitchen, and share them with someone else as a gift.  When we first moved to the middle of the desert, I went out to supply our new home.  I shared half of each jar of spice that I bought with my mom (she got me an entire case of spice jars 48 in all, when all I wanted was 12).

Another Cake! In A Can Blurb, I’m Over The Moon


I wanted you all to see my NEW Etsy shop banner. I’m so excited about it that I wanted to sweeten the deal!


That’s the coupon code you can use when ordering your Cake In A Can and get $8.00 off.

Either the Super Moist Rum or Kahlua cake would only be $16.99 + S&H

These are homemade half sized old fashion Bundt cakes, shipped to you in an old fashion cookie tin. LOVE IT! This keeps your cake moist longer as well as gets it to you in one piece.



My Husband Is A Great Guy

Have I mentioned that before? He really is.  Takin’ one for the team and all!

I’ve started a small cake shop and that means that sometimes you need to test recipes. Cake is not on our diet, I mean new way of looking at food attitude. We both come from a generation that didn’t have a lot growing up and that meant never throwing out food, as well as the clean your plate club, but that’s a whole ‘nother bag of beans…

WHAT Happened Here?

When I unmolded these two cuties… I don’t know… they just weren’t right, but MAN! They sure tasted good! It started out as, “yum, let me taste that for you”.  We ate one of them and then I did finally throw the other, very nasty lookin’ one out, we just can’t have this yummy stuff in the house.