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My Instant Pot® Go-Around #8

I got two Instant Pot® accessories that I’ve been wanting to try,
but haven’t had the time until now.

I also did a bunch of research on Cheesecakes in the Instant Pot®
World. I found this recipe, a bit involved, very OCD about it, but …
So I took a very deep breath and dove in.

I made the crust with the option of adding Flour, for a crisper/firmer crust.
Meh, I don’t think I’d do that again … too crumble-y for us.
I also didn’t care for the color of this cake. I’ve been using Bakers Extract for awhile now, ever since the price of Vanilla Extract went through the roof! I think that’s the issue there, so …
But the flavor is quite nice and it does make a smaller cake, especially for just us two (I’m not sharing btw).

In conclusion: I’m stickin’ with my girl Martha and using her recipe!

Remember now, a recipe is simply someone else’s idea, take it and make it your own.

Cook for your family!

Did I Say That I Made Cheesecake?

Yup!  Only the second time in my entire life that I’ve ever made Cheesecake.  I had no idea where to start, so I turned to my girl Martha, Martha Stewart that is.  I kinda-sorta followed the recipe, but I remembered that the first time I did this, the recipe made me TWO HUGE CHEESECAKES!!

AND I didn’t have quite enough Cream Cheese this time around.  I had three blocks left over from my Carrot Cake frenzy of this past Spring.  When I checked the “use by” dates on them it was all hands on deck!

My changes were 3 bricks of Cream Cheese instead of SEVEN, 3 eggs rather than 5 and half of what was called for all of the ingredients for the filling.  The crust was a standard crust recipe off the box of the Graham Cracker Crumbs, simple.

It came out very dense and not as sweet, I really liked it better actually.

That’s a lot of Cheesecake for two people though, so I frozen probably half the cake, in slices, for later.

I Made My Very First Cheesecake

For some reason, I’ve never made a Cheesecake before; that’s probably because I’ve never owned a Springform pan before.  I bought one last year at a discount kitchen store, I don’t remember why or what I made with it, but obviously it wasn’t a memorable dish.  I saw it sitting there, all lonely like out in my garage with the other “oddly shaped-hard to store” kitchen toys that I have.  And it hit me, I should try it!

NOW!  DH is not a fan of anything sour, tangy as he says, such as sour cream or cream cheese … you get the idea.  Cheesecake is a dessert that he does not order, but likes to take bites from mine when we go out to eat.  So I searched the Internet and wasn’t sure which recipe to follow; then I was watching a Martha Stewart TV program and what did she make, but New York Style Cheesecake.  I trust Martha, so here goes nothing.

First off, that’s WAY too much batter Martha!  Even though her recipe calls for a 10 inch pan and mine is 9 inches… HMMM

My Cheesecake CRACKED!

Secondly, Martha said that if I bake my Cheesecake in a Bain Marie or a Water Bath, it won’t crack.


Can you see that it cracked almost the entire way around the top?!  GEEZ!  Oh well, I’ll bet it tastes good.

I have enough filling for another Cheesecake

And about that filling recipe calling for 7, yes I said SEVEN eight ounce packages of Cream Cheese, WOW!  I have enough batter to make another cake.

But come on man!  Look at that wouldja!?  I mean, COME ON!  That is CRAZY good Cheesecake.  I think that IF  I ever make another Cheesecake, I’ll use Martha’s recipe; I’ll only make half…


A Follow-up Blueberry Crumb Cake

Blueberry Crmb Cake ready for the deep freeze

MAN! That first Crumb Cake that I made went so fast, I needed to make another.

It was that good!

This time I cut the pieces a lit smaller and froze them for later consumption.

If you freeze the pieces on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper and then use the FoodSaver, it keeps very well.

Only thing is that DH has found them and my stash for later is dwindling fast. I might need to make two more !

this cake is going fast!

(Doesn’t this look just like Martha’s?)

Let’s Talk About Martha

… Martha Stewart that is. You can say what you want about the women, but she knows food and entertaining.

I’ve had her recipe for Classic Blueberry Crumb Cake for a good long time, but had yet to make it. While we were living in Hawaii, I only dreamed of making this coffee cake.  Fruits that are shipped in from the “mainland” are quite expensive, and this cake calls for THREE CUPS of fresh, not frozen, blueberries. At over $6.00 for a half pint in Honolulu, it was cost-prohibitive to say the least. Here in Arizona, I picked them up for 98¢ the other day; seeing as DH had requested a homemade coffee cake, here goes nothing (can you tell that I’ve been in a baking mood?).

SSHHH! I didn’t say that most coffee cakes are made with sour cream, we don’t tell DH things like that. Can you see all of the blueberries in the topping? These berries from California are HUGE!  I didn’t dust the hunk-o-deliciousness (it’s 9″ X 9″ X 3″) with powdered sugar until we were ready to serve. This cake is moist and chuck full of fruit, really good.  I shared with the neighbors as well as stashed some in the deep freeze for later.  There’s no comparison to scratch made food, be it sweet or savory.

Chocolate Buttermilk Pie, Oh My!

I had never even heard of Buttermilk Pie until we took Our Great Western Adventure back last September …

Our Great Western Adventure Chocolate Buttermilk Pie @ Bubba's Bar-B-Que in Cody Wyoming

… and had a slice of this divine dessert in Cody Wyoming at Bubba’s Bar-B-Que, OH MY GAWD!

After making by chefy pal Joey’s Boomer Cake, I had some buttermilk left that I didn’t want to waste. DING!

I went-a-lookin’ on the World Wide Web for a recipe and I found a boat load. But, I wanted something that would be as close as possible to my first experience. I found a recipe that sounded like it would please both my husband (“I don’t like chocolate pie, I don’t like anything sour … ” please insert whinny little boy here *wink*) and myself at The Pinter Test Kitchen.

My best pie crust yet

The difference in my interpretation was that I made my own pie dough from scratch, following my girl Martha’s recipe. I NAILED IT! That is the most beautiful crust I’ve ever made, thanks Martha.

This pie will puff up in the middle and then as it cools, it will sink a bit and crack, that’s okay.

This is really rich pie

The agony was finally over, let’s dig in! This pie is so nice and chocolatey-gooey-yummy, it’s just, just… AH! Sigh

The only problem was that we liked it so much that it was gone before we knew it.

Happy Easter Cookies

What? Cookies in our Easter baskets? Where’s the candy?

Well, I think that you don’t always have to have the same thing in your Easter basket each year. And yes, I make up a goodie gift for my husband and mother at Easter. I’ve been wanting to make iced sugar cookies and I saw these cookie cutters in the cutest Spring shapes, I couldn’t resist.

I followed Martha Stewart’s recipe for the cookies, all though I think that they could have been rolled a bit thicker; then found some meringue powder and made royal icing to decorate.

Aren’t they just the most darling cookies, you don’t want to eat them… RIGHT!