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Hawaiian-Style Lunch For Two At Home In The Middle Of The Desert

Yup, that’s right.

My husband made a request the other day, he said that he was really ono (hungry for) for some Poke and Sushi.  Well, I was out and about and stopped into my favorite green grocer.  HEH! They’ve got a Sushi Counter, ya know the kind were they make it right in front of you to take home, complete with Wasabi, Pickled Ginger and a small packet of Shoyu (they had chopsticks and forks too 😉 ).

Also in the fresh fish case they had Ahi fillets, CHEAP…I love this place.


When I got home, I made up a batch of Shoyu Ahi Poke with a beautiful half pound Ahi steak and served that with the Unagi (Fresh Water Eel) Nigiri Sushi.

What a treat!

A Bit Of Home In Central Arizona

It has been a VERY stressful, well, seven months for my husband and I, what with listing our home, open houses, 3 offers to buy our home and finally selling it, MAN!  It’s rough, let me tell you.  So we both decided that we needed some comforts from home, Hawaii that is!

Cucumber Sushi

The first dish I made was Cucumber Sushi, super easy!

Limu Ahi Poke

Next up was some Limu Ahi Poke, MMM!  Now that just screams Hawaii, doesn’t it?

As I always do, I made WAY  too much food.  You know the drill, I gotta share it, so who better than our new landlords.  We’ll just say that Mister Landlord liked the sushi.

Ft. Ruger Market, FISH!!

Here’s something that we don’t get In The Middle Of The Desert,

We went over to Fort Ruger Market, one of our old favorites for Poke.  MAN!  Can you see the prices?  But this stuff is so fresh, I mean, straight off the fishing boats this morning.  The Smoked Tako or Octopus was like eating Beef, really tasty.  The Ahi or Tuna Poke has super fresh, as in plucked from the Ocean this morning, as well as the Limu or Seaweed.  I asked for a dash of Shoyu on the Tako Onion and Ahi.  Before you freak out too much and say, ‘I can’t eat raw fish’, the Octopus is cooked.

We took our booty back to the apartment and had dinner el fresco on our lanai, overlooking Diamond Head.

Shoyu Chicken, assorted Poke, Cucumber Kim Chee and steamed Rice


I had some leftover Shoyu Chicken, Cucumber Kim Chee and some steamed Rice.  WOW!!

Menu Board at Ft. Ruger Market


I thought about getting us some Opihi, but, GEEZ!!  That’s okay, I’ll pass.  A quarter pound container would be $15.25 before tax (yes, Hawaii taxes EVERYTHING!).  That stuff is like gold.

Ft. Ruger Market


So if you every make it to Oahu, do rent a car, do try the different local foods, do go to Ft. Ruger Market and get some fish and maybe even a six-pack of beer to wash it all down.


Hawaiian Food In The Middle Of The Desert?

Yesterday was ALOHA FRIDAY! That means we gotta have some kind of ‘local’ or Hawaiian food if you will. I don’t remember if I mentioned that I met this man in our small neighborhood that is from Honolulu, but anywhos… He and his wife invited us to lunch.

Lani’s Luau In Tucson Arizona

When my husband and I first moved to Arizona, we had heard of this joint and had gone to visit once before, but it’s a long drive from our house and we just never made it back there.

Our new friends came and picked us up and Mister New Friend drove, over an hour, in to town way over on the East side of Tucson.

Uber-cute place, nothing fancy, but that’s exactly the type of places we like, just honest, solid, really food. Of course having Hawaiian food sure does help in my book! I had a heck of a time deciding on my lunch order, everyone else, no problem. I tend to do that and my husband explained to our new friends about my passion for food and the blogging thing. I wanted to wander around, take pictures and talk with Lani herself. Leilani and Zane Dowling are the owners and operators of Lani’s Luau and they do a great job! Zane wasn’t there yesterday, but we met him on our last visit. Funny, Lani remembered all of us having come in before.

Mister New Friend and I both ordered the #9 plate, Kalua Pork, Pork Laulau, Chicken Long Rice, Lomi Salmon and poke. I requested any extra of 1 scoop rice, a small poi and potato-mac salad, Mister New Friend had the green salad and medium poi.

I spied in the cold-case up front, Aloha-maid canned drinks, oh baby! Gotta have me one POG! (Passion-orange-guava drink) WHAT!? No MORE? SHOT! Well, the Iced Tea is pretty ONO (delicious) too.

Lani's Luau in Tucson AZ

Funny enough, Missus new Friend and my husband both ordered the Teriyaki Chicken, well DH added the Mahimahi to his chicken plate.

Lani's Luau in Tucson AZ

We all stayed and chatted and had a very nice Aloha Friday eating very delicious Hawaiian food, watching a video of a hula completion back home in Hawaii and wishing we were there. Mahalo Lani and A HUI HOU… until we met again.



Poke or Hawaiian Fish Salad, It’s Just ONO !

Yesterday was Aloha Friday, and I started to think of my home, Hawaii. I suppose I should stop thinking that way, seeing as we’ve lived in the middle of the desert going on SIX YEARS now. Some things you just don’t give up, like the foods that you were brought up on and love and miss terribly. Fish is HUGE in Hawaii, duh, it’s only surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. A lot of kids learn to swim even before they learn to walk, I was no exception. I had a boyfriend that took me for our first date spear fishing, which was so much fun.

What I really wanted to share was all of the fish that we had on our last trip back home to Hawaii. I should rephrase that, Poke or Seafood Salad. I shared my Tako Poke or Octopus Salad, it’s cooked, not all Poke has to be raw. I also make a Mussel Poke for DH (I’m allergic) and the ingredients are the same, just substitute the cooked Octopus for Steamed (and shucked) Mussels and there you go.

This all goes GREAT with an ice cold beer.

Primo Beer

*translation-ONO: Good Food